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2nd Infantry Battalion Reserve


To provide a first response and augmentation to the regular Force in the execution of Military and Civil Defence Missions.


2nd  Infantry Battalion Group (Reserve) consists of a Regular and a Reserve element. The Regular elements is made up of a HQ, based at Camp Ayanganna, the main training base at Seweyo, linden Highway, and the 241 Coy (based at Seweyo). The Reserve element is presently made up of four (4) Reserve Rifle Coys, namely 242 Coy (which covers Regions 4 and 5), 243 Coy (Regions 2 and 3), 244 Coy (Region 6) and 245 Coy (Region 10)..


The tasks of the 2 Inf Bn Gp (Res) are as follows:


1. To identify, recruit and train suitable Officers and Reservists.

2. To gather and relay information on occurrence. To maintain a reservoir of trained Reservists to augment the regular Force.

3. To provide a core of specialists for Civil Defence Missions