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1st Infantry Batallion

This brief would be inadequate without a little bit of the Unit’s history. During the 1980’s the Amawai, Roraima, Ireng ad Takutu sectors were manned by the Guyana Defence Force, while the Kutari Sector was manned by the then Guyana National Service.   Those GDF battalions were amalgamated in 1988 to form the 1st Infantry Battalion and later called the 1st InfantryBattalion Group with responsibilities being similar to when there were two battalions and the Guyana National Service. The Force then had far more resources – human, financial and materiel than it has today, along with less tasking.  Thus the one amalgamated battalion is now required to carry out the tasking of all of its predecessors and this is very challenging to the battalion presently especially with the changing dynamics in our global environment that are now impacting on the nation’s security.