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Us embassy discusses human rights with gdf

The United States Defence Institute of International Legal Studies recently held a two-day seminar for members of the Guyana Defence Force.
The seminar addressed issues of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. It also included presentations on the usefulness of developing rules for the use of force on performing security and law enforcement functions and the rules of engagement for conducting military operations.

The seminar was designed to provide participants with a background on relevant legal standards in international agreements and customary international law, and examples of implementing domestic laws with regard to human rights and international humanitarian law.
According to a press release, 25 officers from the Guyana Defence Forces participated in discussion groups as part of the lectures and worked through hypothetical military contingency exercises. The U.S. presenters were Colonel Rodger Drew, US Air Force, Staff Judge Advocate, US Southern Command; Commander Jon Wagshul, US Navy, Deputy Director, Defence Institute of International Legal Studies; and John T Phelps, Regional Programme Director, Defence Institute of International Legal Studies.
DIILS serves as the lead U.S. Department of Defense agency for professional legal programmes for international military and civilian government officials, conducting programmes on the rule of law, human rights, combating corruption, war crimes investigations, and the development of military justice codes, law of armed conflict and other legal topics relevant to the military.
Since its founding in 1992, DIILS has educated over 30,000 military and civilian officials from 115 countries.

Source: Kaieteur News