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33 cadet officers promoted to ensign

The Guyana Defence Force ( GDF) held an Ensigncy Parade at the Drill Square, Base Camp Ayanganna on Tuesday where 33 cadet offi cers were promoted to ensign.
C h i e f - o f - S t a f f Commodore Gary Best congratulated the ensigns for their accomplishment and told them that although they have come thus far in the quest to be a military offi - cer, the road ahead requires much discipline.
“ My congratulations to you for your accomplishment thus far; be mindful, however, that there are still some aspects of your training that need to be completed.
You are expected to continue to display discipline and a level of accountability of the respected forces and their structures.” He noted that the force is committed to ensuring that the ensigns become good of- fi cers, therefore continued hard work and determination are necessary.
“ You have acquired knowledge and skills that you did not possess before
coming here. You now have a good understanding of the various services and work of a national institution and your potential role in its structure and operation,” Best stressed.

He further told them that their future will be fi lled with activities where they will be continually judged and their characters will be tested. “ You have come to us at a time when the realities of our existence have demanded that we integrate in a process of reengineering which is ongoing,” he said.
Best noted that it is essential that knowledge be sought in every sphere of their collective existence.
“ Each of you must be educated.

I urge you to learn in order to become good leaders.
Seek to understand the economic, social and political stages of the forces’ continuity and operation. As leaders, you will be expected to display qualities such as diligence, honesty, integrity and others.” “ Some may tremble at the fact that your future roles will be demanding but do not despair; remember that to whom much is given, much will be required,” he added.
In the cadet offi cers train ing, Best said, the ensigns were moulded to be strong so they could strengthen others and help others to overcome their fears. “ You are being groomed to be steadfast and you must seek to understand the culture within which you have to operate. You must also understand the mission and objective of the respected forces.” Best urged them to be key players and cooperative in their every endeavour.
“ This force has no place for the mind to think that his or hers is the only way possible. Teamwork is essential and you must understand your role on the team,” Best stated.
He also urged them to be good listeners since many fail because they do not listen.
“ Many are before the courts because they failed to listen. I urge you to give respect to all before you interact with them.” Best made it clear that indiscipline and deviant behaviour will not be tolerated.
“ You are subject to military law and civil law, but do not transgress. Be reminded that you will be under constant scrutiny by your commanders and those who you will eventually lead,” he said.

The commodore further stressed that ensigns must subject their subordinates to close scrutiny and never agree that enough was done or is being done. “ Do not be afraid. You will be given every opportunity to excel.
Excellence on your part will be determined by the choices you make and opportunities you seize.” Best also urged ensigns to remember that their mission as members of a military and paramilitary force is to be competent, creative and fl exible. “ You have the potential to become great military leaders of the future.

I challenge you to seek to better your best in every way,” he said.