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President jagdeo offers newly commissioned officers government’s full support

The parade marches past the Commander-in-Chief.Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, yesterday urged the newly commissioned officers of the Guyana Defence Force Standard Officer’s Course # 42 to sustain the security of Guyana and review their actions and thoughts to meet the needs of the Guyanese people.Jagdeo said that on February 23 this year we will be celebrating 40 years as a republic the date and the memory surrounding that event are a lasting impression on generations of Guyanese.

He said, “So too must your contributions to the military be designed to produce a lasting impression; you as members of the military must sustain the security of Guyana, the protection of our nationhood and cultivation of pride and patriotism of our people ... your conduct and your achievement would ensure this”.
President Jagdeo also called on the officers to examine themselves at all times and review their actions and thoughts so as to meet the expectations of the Guyanese people.

The President said, “As you parade here in the prime of your youth, committing  yourselves to the future of a nation and prepare to take your rightful and prosperous place amongst the family of nations, and as you embrace duty, honour and service to Guyana, I offer you the full support of my government”.
The Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces was at the time addressing the officers at Drill Square, Camp Ayanganna.
Jagdeo also congratulated the young men and women for completing the one-year course and said that they should be recognized for the efforts they had to make in their ambitions. And their families, who showed them love and taught them commitment and steadfastness and provided them with the necessary support during their training.

The President noted that appreciation must also be extended to the instructors and to all involved in ensuring that the batch became officers.
The President noted that as they continue to invest in this military life, in the future in the military there must be many more opportunities,  and other life-long skills needed for a comfortable existence reflective of a disciplined background.
He said, “Our foremost goal is for these opportunities to be utilized for the benefit of your families and for all Guyana.
Jagdeo told the gathering that the 2010 national budget presented in the parliament which is currently being debated supports this direction.
He stated, “We have to guard against the adverse effects of climate change but also seize the opportunity that this crisis provides; as we map, develop, and market our eco services, the military will be expected to defend not just our maritime and territorial borders but also the natural resources and eco-services that are there in within. It is in that sense that we turn to the GDF, the law enforcement agencies, to sustain and protect our gains and to provide the secure environment in which our vision for Guyana can be realized ;and this is a task that cannot be postponed and a responsibility that we must all share”.
At the commissioning parade yesterday, 32 ensigns were elevated to officers. They  were drawn from the GDF, The Guyana Fire Service, the Guyana Prison Service, one member from the Belize Defence Force  and the Guyana Police Force GPF, the law enforcement agency whose members topped the course.

John Barker, 23, of the GPF was the best student and was also presented the Venezuelan Armed Forces and Brazilian Armed Forces prizes at a reception later last evening, while GDF Texine Daw was the first woman to cop the runner-up best student trophy. The Sword of Honour was awarded to John Barker, the Best drill award went to GPF Ronjay Prince, the Military Knowledge trophy was given to GPF Himnauth Sawh, and GDF Madainey Humphrey got the Best Shot trophy.
The Standard Officer’s Course (SOC) # 42 was developed to provide training not only for new army officers but also for new officers of the other services.
The SOC therefore provides a solid foundation for the subsequent professional development of all cadets entering GDF. It is consequently only an introduction to the officer training and development systems of all military and para military services in Guyana and the Caribbean, and must be supplemented by the appropriate specialist and technical training of the relevant services.
The syllabus of the course includes an intense programme of military skills and tactics, rigorous physical fitness, team activities designed to promote stamina and group spirit, leadership and command methods, management techniques, military law and national policy.