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58 recruits to commence brc after completing remedial training

Fifty-eight recruits are now ready to commence basic recruit training following the successful completion of a six-week remedial academic training programme. The recruits were selected to participate in this training as a result of the Force’s commitment to assist in the educational development of youth throughout the country, thus providing a second chance for them to serve their country.

The recruits were instructed in English Language, Mathematics and General Reasoning. Various teaching strategies were used, with the aim of engendering a sense of accomplishment among the recruits and ensuring that none of them were “left behind”.

Colonel Mark Phillips congratulated the recruits and expressed confidence in their ability to successfully complete the next phase which is the Basic Recruit Course (BRC). “You must be functionally literate in order to function as soldiers. You must be able to read and write to function in life in general,” he said. “The Force recognises that young people lack reading, writing and reasoning skills, and that’s why you are here. Although you did not pass the entrance examination, we nevertheless recognised that you were trainable –there is worthy in you. That is the reason why we have this programme,” he added. He also congratulated the teachers whose work represented a labour of love. Noting that the remedial programme was the beginning of the Force’s AEP, he indicated that the necessary infrastructure would be developed to ensure optimal delivery of programme content and the maximum realisation of the desired outcomes.

The Colonel observed that many local studies have concluded that illiteracy is a national problem and assured the recruits that they were not the only persons affected. He encouraged them to continue reading and practicing mathematics to ensure the further development of their skills. “This is the beginning for you,” he said, “and this beginning has set the stage for your personal renewal and interest in education. You have to continue. You must continue, and embrace all educational opportunities in the Force. We will continue to provide the resources to deliver the AEP wherever you are. The sky is the limit!” he urged. Colonel Phillips recommended that the recruits sign up for Foundation level academic training after the completion of their basic training. He noted that military tradition required soldiers to be fit, obedient, loyal, disciplined and skilled.