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Chief of Staff, Brigadier Mark Phillips received the British and Canadian High Commissioners to Guyana, Mr Greg Quinn and Dr. Nicole Giles as well as US Charge´ D’Affaires, Mr Bian Hunte at his Office, Defence Headquarters, for a courtesy call on Tuesday last.

Deputy Chief of Staff, Colonel Kemraj Persaud and, Colonels George Lewis(Inspector General), Enoch Gaskin(Chairman, Joint Services Training Committee), Paul Arthur( Colonel Administration and Quartering) and Nazrul Hussain (Staff Officer One, Special Duties), were also part of the reception team.

The discussion primarily focused on the upcoming National and Regional Elections in the context of the role of the Joint Services. Specifically, topics raised included the Joint Services relationship with the Guyana Elections Commission, the strategic deployment of the GDF for elections and its professional image during this process, the conduct of the Force on Elections day as well as the GDF as a stable band, constitutionally committed to a free, fair and peaceful electoral process.

Inter-agency cooperation with other Law enforcement agencies as well as the issue of intelligence gathering and updating mechanisms also formed part of the discussion. Additionally, the officials examined new trends in behaviours of protectors globally versus new techniques to counter these threats.

The discussion also provided the Officers with the opportunity to explain the concept of the Joint Services Co-ordinating Council as well as brief the diplomats on the concept of Joint Services Training and the function and role of the Inter-Services School for Internal Security Studies in preparing its personnel for internal security situations.