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Command changes at Base Camp Ayanganna as Lieutenant Colonel Baird Bids Farewell!

Command of Base Camp Ayanganna today changed hands when Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Clement Baird formally handed over to Lieutenant Colonel Mark Thomas at a simple yet significant ceremony at the Drill Square at the base.


Lt. Col Baird, who proceeds on retirement this year, says that in handing over command to Lt Col Thomas, he knows that the base’s administration is in competent hands. Acknowledging the challenging nature of the appointment, Baird says that his tenure as Base Commander was a good one. “There have been ups and downs, but by and large, it has been rewarding,” he said, “I ask that you all support Lt Col Thomas as you have supported me during my command.”

Reflecting on his 32 years of service to the GDF and Guyana, Baird said that it is a phase of his life for which he will always have fond memories. “If I had to ask God to live my life all over again, I will ask to be allowed to serve with the GDF. There is nothing better than military service!” he said. Almost overcome with emotion, he went on to thank all the troops with whom he had the opportunity to serve. As a parting shot, he challenged the serving soldiers to embrace education. “This is the best time to be serving in the GDF. There has never before been such an effort to educate our ranks like there is today. Seize the opportunities. The education products of the Force are to go online soon. Make use of your time to access the material and learn,” he entreated.

Lt Colonel Baird also thanked the GDF for allowing him the opportunity to serve and said that he is confident that the leadership of the Force will ensure its progress and prosperity.