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GDF graduates another female paratrooper.

The Guyana Defence Force yesterday graduated its second female paratrooper at the headquarters of the 31 Special Forces Squadron at Base Camp Stephenson. Chief of Staff, Brigadier Mark Phillips, extended hearty congratulations to Lance Corporal (LCPL) Indrani Lyte on her achievement. LCPL Lyte was among 17 soldiers who successfully completed the Grade Three Special Forces and the Basic Paratrooper’s courses.

Lance Corporal Lyte who hails from the Finance Department said that she has always wanted to experience what she saw the paratroopers doing and she purposed that she would gain the necessary training. “This is a dream come through for me,” she said, “It was tough but my peers provided support and encouragement. I encourage any female who wants to become a paratrooper to go for it. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I intend to keep on learning and growing in this field.”

In his welcome and congratulatory remarks, Brigadier Phillips explained that they were now not just soldiers trained in a specialist field but that they had now also become brothers and sisters in the force’s family of paratroopers. ‘This is a special unit,” he said, “your training is specialised and is geared toward special missions. I urge you to read on the history of Paratrooping the world over. You will find that Paratrooping is not only used to deliver men into combat or other operational zones. It is not only relevant in war time but also in times of peace. Paratrooping is used to facilitate relief work when supplies, food, medicines and equipment need to be provided in disaster zones and situations.”

“The Special Forces has an important role and will continue to exist. So too will training in this area. I am pleased to see soldiers from other units other than the Infantry and Special Forces graduating today. This is the future thrust for training of paratroopers in the GDF.” He said.

The Chief of Staff, himself a Brazilian-trained paratrooper, was joined by Base Commander, Base Camp Stephenson Wilbert Lee and Commander of the First Infantry Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel  Fitzroy Warde, both also paratroopers, in welcoming the new paratroopers into the family, and awarding them their new badges and certificates.