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GDF Medical Corps reaches 800 more Guyanese through community partnerships


The Guyana Defence Force Medical Corps continues to impact the lives of more Guyanese, as it works in partnership with civil society organisations to bring health services to communities. The latest communities to be impacted were Cotton Tree on the West Coast of Berbice, and Cane Grove, at Mahaica.


At Cotton Tree, on Wednesday, July 23, GDF’s 16-member medical team, together with staffers of the Cheddi Jagan Dental School, partnered with US-registered NGO SaveAbee to provide some 400 residents with a range of medical services, including, random blood sugar testing, haemoglobin checks, blood group determination, dental checks and HIV Counselling and Testing among others.

On Saturday, July 26, another 400 residents at Cane Grove, Mahaica, gained medical and dental treatment, as GDF’s 23-member medical team partnered with the Guyana Medical Relief Inc. (GMRI) out of LA, California. During this outreach 115 lab tests were also done. Commenting of the performance of the GDF’s team, GNMRI Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Sharir Chan was effusive in his praise. “On a scale of one to ten, where ten is the highest possible score, the team has earned a ten!” he said. “Their performance was excellent; better than expected! All the members of the team were very disciplined and professional in their approach and demonstrated that they cared about what they were doing. As a result, we are considering further collaboration with the GDF in the future,” he added.

The Guyana Defence Force is proud to be in service to the people of Guyana, and remains committed, to partnering with organisations which seek to positively impact the lives of Guyanese citizens.