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Ranks officiating in Digicel football competition

Sergeant (SGT) Maurees Skeete, Corporals Monica Welcome and Delon Young and Private Colin Mcpherspon are serving as  Match Officials (Referees and Assistant Referees), in the Fourth Annual Digicel School’s Football Competition .

The four GDF ranks have 11 years of combined experience. SGT Skeete, emerged from playing women’s football to seek excellence as a match official. She dedicated herself to learning the Laws of The Game, every referee’s “arc of fire” and has honed her skills on the field over the past six years. Her passion and dedication, coupled with her love for “the beautiful game” have resulted in her selection for and appointment as a FIFA Referee earlier this year. Corporal Welcomehas been active as an Assistant Referee for the past four years and has been broadening her knowledge and sharpening her skills on and off the field with appointments as a match official  at several local football competitions.

Corporal (CPL) Young and  Private (PTE) Mcpherson are quite new to refereeing, each with only about six months experience to their credit. Yet, according to SGT Skeete the more seasoned of the crew, they are off to a good start, learning quickly and adapting well. “Corporal Young and Private Mcpherson have been playing football for some time and Young also previously served as the GDF’s goalkeeper. I am heartened that they have shown an interest in developing careers as Referees. This is an aspect of football that holds much promise for young persons who are interested, to develop and go a far way,” she added.

Through the Guyana Football Referees Council, both Young and McPherson have gained their basic training as referees. They have since been gaining post-training experience and have officiated at several matches in various tournaments.

Much like playing as a member of a team, excellence is measured by performance. A referee becomes excellent by gaining a superior knowledge of the Laws of The Game and also by executing that superior knowledge in practical terms on the field.

To date, in this Digicel Competition, SGT Skeete has officiated at 15 games while her colleagues have also racked up almost the same number of appearances.