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Day Care graduates 14

The Margaret Rose Arthur Day Care Centre graduated 14 of its charges, at a simple graduation ceremony on Friday, July 4, at Base Camp Ayanganna. Much to the delight of the assembled parents and guardians, Day Care staff, and others who were present at the ceremony, the precocious members of the graduating class of 2014, donned outfits, to perform a special song and a skit.

According to the Centre’s administrator, Ms, Shauntel Maloney, enrolment increased some one hundred and ninety-one percent, from an original 12 infants in 2012, to the 35 in its care today. Caregivers at the centre provide quality care for their charges, engaging them in several indoor and outdoor activities meant to develop and enhance their academic, psychomotor, emotional and social skills. Some of these engagements also involved trips to the Botanical Gardens, the Zoological Park and the National Museum. Ms. Maloney said that, now that the toddlers are prepared to head off to nursery school and are leaving the Centre, they will surely be missed.

In brief remarks, Patron of the Centre, Warrant Officer (ret’d) Margaret Rose Arthur, recalled that when she enlisted in 1967 and throughout her 25 years of service in the GDF, there was no Day Care facility. “Today, it is great to see that the GDF has kept its promise,” she said.  “When I look at these children, I see their potential. We do not know what God has put into them, but, it is our responsibility and the privilege of the teachers and caregivers, to help bring their potential to reality. You the parents have a very important role to play too. You have to support the teachers to mould and shape your children. Indeed they can become teachers, the Chief of Staff or even the President of Guyana,” she added.

The Centre’s care is provided along the time-line of a typical school year, i:e from September to July annually. Admissions to the Centre are done as places become available. As such, with 14 having graduated, fourteen more children will be admitted to the Centre’s roster. Additionally, if places become available during an academic year, the Centre will admit children accordingly.