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GDFS Essequibo returns to high seas

The Guyana Defence Force flagship, the GDFS Essequibo, is fully seaworthy and back on the high seas, in service to the people of Guyana, following several months during which, she underwent much-needed maintenance.

Commanding Officer (CO) Coast Guard, Commander Gary Beaton, said that it became necessary to effect repairs to the  vessel’s stern-tube seal and propellers. He explained that, the stern seal tube is a mechanism connected to the propeller shaft which enables the efficient operation of the propellers.

The seal tube, must always be filled with oil. If the seal on the tube is damaged  spillage of oil from the tube will occur, thereby polluting the waterways in which the vessel operates. “In this regard it was important for us to have the tube repaired,” the CO said. “The repairs to the tube were done with the assistance of the GDF’s Brazilian military counterparts while the propellers were repaired by a local firm.”

Additionally, in order to ensure full seaworthiness, one of the two generators which were ‘offline’  had to be rehabilitated in order to meet the regulatory requirement which stipulates that, two of the vessel’s three generators must be operational at all times.

The Commander explained that, the period of repairs and maintenance, provided a solid opportunity for Coast Guard maintenance personnel to enhance their knowledge and professional skills, by working alongside others.

The GDFS Essequibo was acquired in  September, 2001.