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GDF inks new Collective Labour Agreement with GLU

The Guyana Defence Force has inked a Collective Labour Agreement with the Guyana Labour Union (GLU). GDF Colonel Administration and Quartering, Captain John Flores and General Secretary of the GLU, Mr. Carvil Duncan were the main signatories. The agreement, which covers all permanent civilians employed by the GDF, was signed on April 16 last.

Captain Flores noted that, the completion and signing of the agreement is indicative of the GDF’s continued respect and concern for the welfare of the Force’s civilian employees. “The GDF has great respect for all of its employees and we value the contributions of our civilian labour force. We will continue to treat with them in the letter and spirit of this agreement and also with regard to our national laws. Our doors are also open for consultations should any issue arise that is not covered in this agreement.”

The GLU General Secretary lauded the GDF’s commitment to protecting the rights of its civilian employees with the establishment of the new agreement. He also commended the GDF for maintaining a very healthy relationship with the GLU. “I am happy that an agreement has been reached and concluded between the two parties,” he said. “People often wonder how it is that a union is operating in a military organisation when unions are generally associated with go-slows and strikes. With the GDF we operate on principles embracing discussions and consultations to arrive at consensus. The GDF is worker-friendly and takes care of their people. They also have a high regard for the union. The GLU enjoys a unique relationship with the Guyana defence Force. The signing of this agreement shows a continuation of that relationship,” he added.

Also present at the signing ceremony were, Staff Officer One General One, Lt Colonel Patrick West, Assistant Chief Labour Officer, Ms. Lydia Greene, GLU Field Officer, Mr. Michael Stevens and GDF Shop Steward, Ms. Doreth Christian. The pervious agreement was signed in 1977.