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Coast guard rescue three lost at sea for 13 days

The rescued fishermen  at the Coast Guard HQ - from left, Girdojan Surujpaul, his brother Jairam Surujpaul and their cousin Lochan TesardeenThe Guyana Defence Coast Guard returned three fishermen and their vessel safely to port Georgetown yesterday afternoon. The three were rescued and their vessel recovered intact, in waters off the North West District Coast on Friday, August 13, last, thirteen days after they had been reported missing.

Girdojan Surujpaul, his brother Jairam Surujpaul and their cousin Lochan Tesardeen, had set out on a fishing trip in Captain Sunil, just off the foreshore at LBI Saturday, July 31. They had begun drifting out to sea off the mouth of the Demerara River when their boast’s engine failed to start. That was the beginning of their 13-day ordeal. According to them, repeated attempts to restart the boat’s engine were futile.

Lieutenant Coast Guard, Andre Cush said that on Wednesday, August 11, the men’s relatives provided the Coast Guard with coordinates which approximated the position of the Captain Sunil and its crew in the open seas. On Thursday, August 12, the Coast Guard embarked on a search and rescue mission, dispatching two Motor Life Boats (MLBs) with an Officer and seven Ranks on board, to seek out the missing men and their vessel.

The CG team found the men alive and well, with their boat intact, at 1205hours on Friday August 13. They were 11 nautical miles from the coordinates which the team had been given, at a remote area called “Calm Water’ in the North West District. He explained that the search and rescue was made more efficient because two MLBs were used.  The men were immediately provided with fresh water and some food rations and they and were towed, in their disabled vessel, to the CG Base at Morawhanna in the North West where they had a chance to rest and contact their relatives. The rescued men and their vessel departed Morawhanna for Coast Guard Ship Hinds (GCGSH) at Port Georgetown on Saturday, August 14 at 1525 hours.

The rescued men were met by family members at GCGSH, and they all expressed their gratitude to the CG for their rescue. Owner of the vessel, Winston Goriah, also praised the Coast Guard for a job well done and said that he was grateful that the men had been brought safely back to their families.

In service to the nation, the GDF Coast Guard continues to be on watch in Guyana’s waterways