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Mykel Thomas, Thyshawn Tappin, and Aliyah Collins were the top three awardees when, on Friday, September 6, the Guyana Defence Force presented 42 Bursaries valued $25,000 each, to children who successfully completed the National Grade Six Examinations and gained places at secondary schools. The Bursaries are presented each year to the children of Officers, Other Ranks and Civilian employees of the Force.

In brief remarks at the award ceremony, Staff Officer Special Duties, Lieutenant Colonel Sherwin Anderson congratulated the awardees and their parents for the hard work and dedication that has resulted in success.

Recollecting when he received a similar award, and was advised by his father to invest it in his education, Anderson encouraged the 2013 Awardees to do the same. Additionally, he urged them to adopt behaviour that would bring them success. “To be successful, you must be responsible and active – be responsible in your thinking and in your actions. Being active complements your studies. Play sports, be active, because a healthy body will ensure a healthy mind,” he said. Lt Col Anderson also urged the young students to have goals. “Try to decide early on, what you want to be. Ask questions in order to learn and understand that as a student, you and your teacher/s make a team. You must work with your teacher to achieve your common goals.” He also entreated them to avoid sitting in the back if they could; to take good notes and review those notes both at home and also in school with their peers. “Talk about what you have learned in a particular day, discuss it with your parents, siblings and your peers. This helps you to remember, understand and learn what was taught. Try not to cram for examinations. If you cram you’ll only know the answers but not much else! Learn to be good managers of your time.” he urged.

Expressing best wishes for their continued success, Lt Colonel Anderson explained that with all the benefits that they derive as students, they ought to prepare themselves for giving back to the country. He expressed the hope that they would consider too, giving back to the Guyana Defence Force.

Top Awardee, Thomas, moved a stirring and eloquent vote of thanks to the GDF for recognizing his achievement and that of his fellow awardees. “Sincere gratitude is expressed to the Guyana Defence Force for their continued commitment to the implementation of a Bursary programme