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Administrative Professionals (APs) across the Guyana Defence Force were honoured recently, when they were presented with tokens of appreciation and were hosted at appreciation luncheons on the main bases of the Force.


Addressing to the assembled Administrative Professionals at the luncheon in Base Camp Ayanganna, General Secretary of the Guyana Teachers Union, Ms. Coretta McDonald encouraged them to be professional in the execution of their tasks. “You are valuable assets to the GDF! Without you, the wheel would not turn. However, you must conduct yourselves in a manner that demonstrates excellence.”

Mc Donald entreated the APs to see professionalism as extending beyond effective and efficient completion of tasks. “As administrative professionals in the GDF, you work in an environment where completing assigned tasks and meeting deadlines is of utmost importance; but being professional does not stop there. It includes paying attention to your attitude. This is important, whether or not you are in uniform,” she said. “How do you carry yourself? How do you dress? How do you speak to people? These are all important issues for you to consider. As administrative professionals, I am sure that you want to be respected; and rightfully so. Note however, that respect is not something that people give out just like that. Respect must be earned. You must begin by giving respect and being respectful in all situations,” she added.

Ms. McDonald explained attitude change will come with lifestyle changes; and that such changes will impact the public perceptions of the APs and their organisation. “If you adapt and make good lifestyle changes then you are likely to influence mothers who may then guide their children to seeking careers in the GDF. You will also influence other youths into doing the same.”

The APs were also encouraged to strive to improve their professional qualifications and learn conflict management skills. “Change is not easy, but your must be ready to adapt quickly,” she noted. McDonald also encouraged the APs supervisors who were present to ensure to provide proper guidance, encouragement and excellent leadership for their juniors saying that “...good leadership will inculcate proper behaviours.”

Following the feature address, the APs were presented with tokens of appreciation by their respective supervisors and then repaired to lunch.