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GDF aids St Stanislaus sixth formers on educational tour of Iwokrama

Continuing its remit of contributing to national development, the Guyana Defence Force partnered with St Stanislaus College to make it possible for the school’s final year CAPE students to commence an educational tour to the Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development (IIC).

Following a request for assistance, initiated by the students’ biology teacher,              Miss. Deokie Lakhan, the Force provided transportation for the group of 11 students and three teachers who participated in the tour from March 23-26.

According to Miss. Lakhan, the tour was organized in order to ensure that the students gained valuable practical exposure in keeping with the needs of the CAPE curriculum. “My students will be writing their final examinations shortly. As part of their biology curriculum, they are expected to gain a thorough understanding of concepts and practices in conservation and ecology. This means that the students must learn about the conservation and ecological issues in relation to flora and fauna in the context of how these occur in the canopy and at the ground levels of a forest system. They must gain an understanding of how the birds, plants and animal life is organized and occurs in the natural habitat and also, about how this can be impacted by human developments and interactions as national development takes place,” she said, ‘We have chosen to visit Iwokrama since there is no similar facility near Georgetown which will provide the same level of exposure and facilitate the students’ learning.” “We approached the Guyana Defence Force for its support and the organisation responded positively. As a result, transportation was not something to worry about!” she added. Miss. Lakhan, the Project’s leader, is a Graduate Senior Mistress in the school’s Science Department.

The Guyana Defence Force remains committed to service to the people, as it builds and maintains solid civilian-military relations with stakeholders across Guyana.