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GDF Ranks Benefit from Complimentary Skill-At-Arms training with US Navy Team

Three Guyana Defence Force Officers, three Staff Sergeants, and 14 Sergeants together with the Forces’ Chief Skill-At-Arms Instructor, benefited from complementary Pistol and Rifle Marksmanship training conducted by a team of five Specialists from the United States Navy, from March 11 to 22.

The training was delivered in the form of a Subject Matter Expert Exchange (SMEE). It focused on enhancing safety and accuracy in pistol operation and covered areas such as Drawing and Holstering the Pistol, Trigger Operation and Breathing and Changing of Hands during Firing. The training was aimed at enhancing the capability of Skill-At-Arms Instructors to operate under realistic conditions, in close- quarter combat.

Subject Matter Expert Exchanges are not a new phenomenon, but rather, have been conducted at the request of the Guyana Defence Force for more than five years. They involve interaction between personnel from the GDF and the US military, where comparisons of each other’s procedures, tactics, and standing orders as it relates to various operational issues are made. During this process, the information shared enables both teams to learn and become more familiar with each other’s practices. They then emerge from the mutually beneficial sessions with new ideas which they could use, to improve their systems and operational capabilities.