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Gdf troops provide valuable support to waramuri community for amerindian heritage day celebrations.

The Guyana Defence Force provided exemplary support for this year’s Amerindian Heritage Day Celebrations. Three Officers and 34 Other Ranks travelled to and spent ten days at Waramuri, the 2010 Heritage Village in the North West, where they engaged in a number of activities geared to ensure that the village was well prepared.
According to the leader of the GDF Team, Lieutenant K Marlock, the GDF contingent assisted with general preparations for the celebration in the village, over the ten-day period. They engaged in a general clean-up of the surroundings, constructed an outhouse and a small benab, cooked, and decorated among other activities. In addition, the Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Samuel Hinds and Amerindian Affairs Minister, Ms. Pauline Sukhai who attended the celebrations, were honoured by a Quarter Guard, drawn from the GDF troops present. Members of the Guard were all of Amerindian heritage.
Members of the GDF Medical Corps conducted a Medical Outreach programme during the period, examining a number of residents who had various medical complaints. The outreach is another component of the Force’s customary participation during each year’s Amerindian Heritage month celebrations.
Meanwhile, on behalf of the GDF, Warrant Officer Class 1 Thomas donated a football and volleyball to the Village Council whose members expressed their thanks for the timely donation to the sports–oriented community. Lieutenant Marlock also said that, his team’s hard work earned much praise and commendation from the community’s leaders who expressed their gratitude to the Chief-of-Staff and Officers and ranks of the Force for helping to make the Heritage celebrations a success.
The Force’s involvement and support during these celebrations is in line with its policy of building statecraft partnerships through civilian-military relations with governmental and non-governmental institutions. In this instance, the GDF collaborated with the Amerindian Affairs Ministry and the Village Council of WARAMURI to ensure that the celebrations were held in a secure, clean, and festive environment. The GDF has provided support for the annual celebrations ever since Amerindian Heritage Month was initiated.
The GDF extends sincere thanks to the residents and leaders of the Waramuri community, and the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, for their warmth and hospitality, and, for the opportunity to once again be of service during this important national event.