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The commissioning week of activities for students of the Standard Officers Course #45 commenced today with the traditional Commissioning Church Service held at the Auditorium at Base Camp Ayanganna.

Representatives of the three religious denominations offered prayers for the Ensigns and blessed the badges of rank.

 In a simple, yet effective sermon, Reverend Louis Crawford of the Tucville Assembly of God Church , told the 10 Ensigns that he expected their batch to be exceptional in their performance . He made reference to the Bible book of Psalms which directs that, “the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.”In this vein, he implored the students to allow their lives to be ordered by God  , saying that this would provide the impetus for them to live up to the training and values of the Guyana Defence Force.

Reverend Crawford also urged that the Ensigns be wary of negative influences and always consider truth with regard to making their influences felt. “Be an asset to the Force and to human kind,” he urged.


The Commissioning Parade for the Standard Officers Course #45 will be held tomorrow and will see the Ensigns being decorated with their new badges of rank by Commander in Chief, President Donald Ramotar. On Thursday, the Commander in Chief will present them with their instruments of commission which officially concretizes their statuses of Officers of the Guyana Defence Force , in service to the state.


The Standard Officers Course #45 was of 12 months duration and the Course’s aim is to produce an Officer who is capable of leading and administering soldiers while at the same time upholding the values and standards of the Guyana Defence Force.