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Guyana Defence Force Chief-of-Staff, Commodore Gary Best today met with a group of miners at the Julian Ross Landing in the Cuyuni, where it was alleged, a group of soldiers engaged in criminal conduct against the miners in the area. He also visited Guyana Goldfields at Aurora.


In discussions with the miners about what acts transpired in the alleged raid by the soldiers, Commodore Best emphasized the need for the miners to come forward and identify the soldiers who were allegedly engaged in the act. “Once we have evidence that the soldiers came here and went to the backdam and robbed the miners, I will ensure that they are charged and put before the court; and if they have to end up in prison, then they will end up in prison,” he said. “A crime is a crime.” He added.

Reiterating that the purpose of his visit was to ensure that justice was served he declared to the group of Guyanese and Brazilian miners that, if they did not act to identify the men and have them brought to justice, then it could lead to a continuance of such behavior and the thwarting justice. The COS reassured the miners that coming forward to identify the alleged wrong-doers could not lead to any form of retribution since the alleged perpetrators would, if found culpable, no longer be posted to that area since they’d be locked away. He indicated that bringing the soldiers to justice will send a signal to other ranks in the Force that, such behavior has serious consequences and that there was no way it would be allowed to continue.

The miners and their support staff in the community have cooperated with GDF in its investigations, to the extent that some have identified the GDF Officer and soldiers as having been at the Julian Ross Landing, where they allegedly conducted criminal acts.

The inquiry into the recently reported alleged robbing of mining camps by a group of soldiers continues and a report is expected to be submitted to the COS shortly.