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"Be Good Role model to other youth"Commander-in-Chief encourages new soldiers


In what was a truly historic moment for the Guyana Defence Force, 152 new soldiers graduated on Friday, July 6,

 at a parade in full public view, off military ground and addressed by Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, President Donald Ramotar.

The soldiers, who recently completed the Basic Recruit Course 2012-01, marched on the tarmac at the National Cultural Centre as proud relatives, friends and members of the neighbouring communities looked on and cheered. Following varied foot and arms drills the parade culminated with the march past at which the Presidential Salute was given.

“As your Commander-in-Chief, and on behalf of the people of Guyana, I am proud that you have opted to serve your people and your country,” President Ramotar told the soldiers even as he      emphasised what was required of them in the execution of their duties. He implored the soldiers to be good role models to their fellow youth in their communities, particularly in the face of increasing temptations. “Remember that you are a soldier of the Guyana Defence and all of your       activities must be geared towards raising the image of the GDF, both locally and internationally,” he urged the      soldiers.

Further, President Ramotar expressed appreciation to the relatives of the new soldiers for their patriotism and allowing their relatives to serve in the GDF.

Addressing the new soldiers, Chief of Staff, Commodore Gary Best, resoundingly declared that there was no greater sacrifice which a person can make, other than dedicating his life to the defence of his nation.  To this end, he told them that they are the most valued assets of the Force and urged them to “serve the Force well and we will serve you well in return.” In this regard, the COS alluded to the Force’s commitment to its soldiers in assuring academic education in addition to military skills. “You must adopt a must–succeed attitude,” he asserted.

He advised them that, as soldiers, their constitutional duty required that they defend Guyana and assist in the maintenance of law and order. He urged too that they understand that their ultimate mission was to keep Guyana safe: safe from threats on its borders and safe from internal threats. Additionally, COS Best urged the soldiers to always obey orders given by those in Command, protect the        resources of the Force and stick to the Standing Operating Procedures. “Unity, defence and security must be your strength and your duty to your country must always come first,” he added.

Immediately following the parade, a reception was held in the Lounge of the National Cultural Centre during which the COS and Senior Officers interacted with the recruits and their relatives.

One other BRC is slated for this year.