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Swimming returns to GDF pool with SWIM-A-THON

An exciting two day Swim-a-thon has paved the way for the official return of swimming in the Guyana Defence Force as units work at meeting the statutory swimming standards.

The friendly competition which was held from May 23-25, saw Officers and Soldiers competing side by side.

A total of 48 competitors participated in the individual female, individual male, mini-diving, last man left threading water categories and the inter-ranks relay.

The relay was the high point event as it included participation right up to the level of Lieutenant Colonel. Teams representing the Coast Guard, BC (S), 31 SF Sqn and 2 Inf Bn participated in this event. The beginning of this race raised spectators to their feet as the 31 Special Forces Squadron led their counterparts with the fastest swimmers throughout the relay.

This resulted in SF emerging as winner copping the $40,000 prize. Lt Cols Nazrul Hoosein, Fitzroy Warde and Sherwin Anderson, and Majors Leslie Ramlall and Sheldon Howell were the Senior Officers who participated.

CPL Nowel Culpepper of the 2Inf Bn, won the first prize in the Individual Male category while CPL Ronnel Williams of the 31 SF Sqn took the second prize. Meanwhile LCPL Ashanti Carrington of BC(S) won the first prize in the Individual Female category while the second prize was awarded to CPL Joy Boodberg also of BC(S).

In the mini diving event, 100 coins were dispersed into the pool and participants were required to dive and retrieve them. Lt Bernard Cunjie won the prize for retrieving the most coins. No prize was awarded for the last man threading event.

At the simple prize giving ceremony COS, Commodore Gary Best stated that he was extremely excited about the performance of the participants, even as he acknowledged that mot enough emphasis was being placed on swimming in the Force. However, he noted that this would change and said he was looking forward to more units participating in future swimming activities. He singled out the efforts by LCPL Carrington, whom he said appeared very versatile. “I liked the spirit of the officers and soldiers who participated. It provided fun for the event,” he added.

The COS announced that there will be a formal opening for the pool shortly.

Major Jermaine Cort who was responsible for the conduct of the activity, announced that persons interested in becoming lifeguards could contact him since a course is scheduled to be conducted in Brazil shortly.