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GDF launches Biodigester project


The Guyana Defence Force is exploring the feasibility of Biogas generation as an alternative energy source to be used  at its Agri Corps facility at Garden of Eden on the East Bank of Demerara. To this end, the GDF has constructed a small biodigester, which, in the long term, aims to provide methane gas that can be used for cooking, lighting and heating. The concrete structure is set up at the Force’s Agriculture Corps.

The biodigester, which is also referred to as a biogas plant, is a technology that takes advantage of animal waste in order to transform it into methane, as well as a form of food and organic fertilizer. Methane is produced by bacteria that decomposes animal manure and produces a residual material which is high in nutrients, because of the bacterial activity and absence of oxygen.

It is envisaged that the methane produced will be used initially, to cook food for the animals being reared at the Farm. Additionally, the intention is to have the digester provide enough fuel to light animal pens and eventually, the longer term plan is for the plant to provide enough gas for cooking and providing electricity for  the entire base.

The use of farm manure to generate methane was developed, again in India, in the 1930s and the technology was introduced in Guyana in 1981 when the Institute of Applied Sciences and technology (IAST) successfully constructed, tested and operated a biodigester at a farm at Liliendaal on the East Coast of Demerara.

The introduction of this technology in the Force is an initiave of its research and development Unit.