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Force Drill Competition 2012 - 2 Infantry Males win "Face Off"

Force Drill Competition 2012 - 2 Infantry Males win "Face Off"alt

The Second Infantry Battalion Reserve (2Inf Bn (Res)) demonstrated its superiority to win against First Infantry Battalion at the FACE OFF of the Force Drill Competition 2012, which concluded at the Drill Square at Base Camp Stephenson (BC(S)) on May 9. 

Meanwhile, the Base Camp Ayanganna (BC (A) females won against their peers of BC(S).

Following the completion of preliminary  competitive drills by each of the seven of the male teams, the two finalists emerged. They were then pitted against each other in the “FACE OFF”. This was the first time that the new format was used to determine the winner.  However, with only two      female teams competing against each other, there was no need for them to FACE OFF. Congratulations are extended to the winning teams!