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GDF honours two Brazilian soldiers

Captain Alaxendre Pereira Figueirdo and Sergeant Franklin Jose Ribeiro, Instructors from the Brazilian military’s Jungle Warfare Training Center (CIGS), were on May 10 last, presented with Citations and the prestigious Guyana Defence Force JATS (Jungle and Amphibious Training School) Badge. The JATS Badge is the GDF’s premier distinction of award for Jungle and Amphibious Training (JAT) and is awarded to individuals who have excelled in the area of Jungle and Amphibious training.

Captain Alaxendre Pereira Figueirdo received the his Citation and Badge and also that of Sergeant Franklin Jose Ribeiro who was unable to be present. The Captain thanked the GDF, and the government of Guyana for the privilege of being of service here. He also thanked the Brazilian military establishment for entrusting him and his colleague with this mission and expressed the hope that, in the future, they may be allowed to return to Guyana to conduct such training. “I must thank everyone for the hospitality and cooperation we received,” he said, noting that it was an honour to have served here in Guyana where the climate is much like in his homeland.

The soldiers recently completed a one-year stint at the GDF’s Jungle and Amphibious Training School at Makouria, where they imparted their knowledge in JAT. Their involvement with the GDF is possible as a result of co-operation agreements between the governments of Guyana and Brazil. The first Brazilian JAT Instructor arrived in Guyana in 2007.

 Speaking at the simple yet significant ceremony in honour of the two soldiers, Commanding Officer, Training Corps, Colonel Khemraj Persaud thanked them Brazilian Officers for coming to Guyana and the GDF to provide excellent training to their Guyanese counterparts. He also observed that ties between the Guyana Defence Force and the Brazilian military remain strong and that the partnership between the two militaries could only grow stronger. He said that, Guyana has a very valuable partner in Brazil and by extension, the GDF in the Brazilian military establishment. “We are fortunate to have strong co-operation ties with our neighbour to the south with whom we have, in particular, no territorial issues,” he said. “The Brazilian military is robust and through co-operation, we are benefiting from that strength. Many of our Officers and soldiers have been trained in several fields including marine engineering and navigation, and jungle warfare. I wish to thank the officers and the Brazilian military for continuing to support the GDF in growing from strength to strength.” He added In addition to providing human resources for training, the Brazilian military has also provided materiel assistance to the GDF. During 2008/2009 the Brazilian government provided financial resources to aid in the construction of a 1,500 sq ft building at the Colonel Robert Mitchell Jungle and Amphibious School (CRMJATS) at Makouria. That building is now the CRMJATS Officers Annex. They also provided a generator and other equipment for CRMJATS. Additionally, several GDF Officers and Ranks are provided the opportunity to pursue studies in Brazil in fields covering various military specializations.