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GDF in life saving Medivac of injured worker out of interior

The Guyana Defence Force today demonstrated that “Service” is truly its Motto with the Medivac of injured Mark Gonzales from Kuribrong to the city. On arrival at Base Camp Ayanganna, Gonzales who is in stable condition, was immediately handed into the care of a doctor and other medical personnel who whisked him off to Woodlands Hospital.


The 18-year old sustained injury when a tree branch struck him on the head felling him to the ground. He was at the time  a member of a survey team engaged in cutting lines for mining blocks in the area. He is an employee of Mohabir Surveyors which is contracted to JAPARTS.


GDF helicopter commander, Major Courtney Byrne, revealed that the GDF was called into action sometime at about 2:000pm by officials of JAPARTS who themselves had learned of the incident moments before that. He said that he immediately departed Georgetown to make the medivac.


The Guyana Defence Force continues to stand ready to serve citizens and communities across Guyana