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GDF Clarifies Role in Body Recovery

The Guyana Defence Force issues this statement as clarification of its involvement in the search for and subsequent recovery of a body in the Demerara River.

Authorities first became aware of the existence of a body floating in the channel of the Demerara River on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 when two inexperienced Coast Guard ranks  reported their sighting of the body to the Police instead of recovering it. The ranks  were at the time test driving and trouble shooting a vessel which was under repair.

The Coast Guard subsequently mounted a search throughout the day on Thursday in an effort to recover the body .Subsequent reports revealed that the Police recovered the body on Friday at 06:30hours following which the Coast Guard called off its search.

The Force expresses its regret to the family of the deceased for any anguish caused and reaffirms no disrespect to the bereaved relatives .