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GDF Host Schools for Youth Week

As part of its mandate to contribute to the development of the nation, the Guyana Defence Force continues to partner with educational institutions to offer their students opportunities to learn about the Force and various aspects of its operations. This is facilitated mostly through organized and guided tours of the Force’s facilities at Base Camp Ayanganna BC(A) and through Work Studyprogrammes. In  the past three weeks  pupils from no less than

four Primary schools visited Base Camp Ayanganna.  During those visits, the students were able to learn about the usefulness Future pilots? These lads from Cotton Tree Primary School sit confidently at the controls of the GDF’s Bell 206 helicopter.


Above members of Band Corps strike up a tune under the baton
of this lad from the Cotton Tree Primary School of West Coast
Berbice, while her peers look on.



Above In the presence of his teacher, this brave pupil from the Belladrum Primary School is examined by the Force’s DentistDr. Meer Khan while his peers pay rapt attention. They also witnessed a
video presentation about the GDF at the Force’s Public Affairs unit.
Apart from those visits, a group of 12 students from the Sophia Training Centre successfully completed a six-week stint of Work
Study at BC(A). The students gained valuable experiences in Units and Departments suchas the Information Technology, Finance and
General Personnel Departments and at 5SSB (Ordnance Corps). More such attachments are likely, when more students complete their studies at the end of the current school year.