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Aerobics Burnout "Last Man Standing"


22090 Private (PTE) Tyshan Bentick’s stamina ensured that he outlasted the competition and earned him an incentive of $20,000, and the title of the Last Man Standing, in the male category at the inaugural Aerobics Competition which was held at Base Camp Ayanganna on March 6. 20501 Corporal Jason Khan earned second place and a $15,000 incentive. In the female category, 22097 PTE Tiffany Smith gained first place and an incentive of $20,000 while LCPL Shannon Ross-Cox of Medical Corps earned second place and a $15,000 incentive.

The brainchild of Sergeant Dexter Farrell, the competition, is a mechanism designed to promote fitness among soldiers, through the use of the fun, yet effective medium, of aerobics. It commenced with a ten-minute warm-up session after which the 100+ competitors progressed through a series of varied aerobic moves, with just a four-second window to catch on to the new segments. The competition was led by the group of professionally trained physical training Instructors (PTIs) capturing numbering about Farrell is one of several professionally trained Physical Training Instructors (PTI) in the Guyana Defence Force who took the participants through their paces.

The competition will be held bi-annually and the next edition is scheduled to be held at Base Camp Stephenson, in the second half of the year.