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Exercise Fused Response 2012

Ties between the Guyana Defence Force and the US military were further strengthened, when a joint GDF/US Military exercise dubbed ‘Exercise Fused Response 2012’ was conducted in Guyana, from March 1-9 last. The exercise comprising 150 GDF troops and 350 US military personnel, was conducted in Timerhi and Makouria in the Essequibo.

The exercise was designed to improving the interoperability of the participating forces and increase their capacity to confront security challenges and provide disaster and humanitarian relief. During the exercise, training focused on areas such as communications, staff planning and reconnaissance, close-quarters battle training, personnel recovery, as well as in water and air operations, among others.

Safety was a primary concern and, in order to ensure a safe environment for all, residents in communities near the staging areas were sensitized about the activity. No incidents of injury or harm were reported. 

The Guyana Defence Force regularly trains with and enjoys a solid working relationship with members of the US Armed Forces. According to US Ambassador Dr. Brendt Hart, Fused Response 2012 “...builds on other joint military exercises, training, and humanitarian exercises which have been conducted (by the US) in Guyana in recent years.”