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19 Sizzle at Sashing

Nineteen beauties sizzled on stage at the Sashing Ceremony of the Ms Guyana Defence Force 2012 Pageant which was held at the Auditorium at Base Camp Ayanganna, on the evening of February1, last.

Before a wildly appreciative crowd, the female soldiers, representing various Units, Sub-Units and Departments of the GDF, introduced themselves and gave a brief description of the Units/Departments which they are representing. 

Unlike traditional pageants, beauty is not the main focus of the Ms GDF 2012pageant. Contestants will compete with each other in Swimsuit and Talent       Competitions and, as military women, prove themselves in the pageant’s most challenging element, the Run-and-Shoot.

Contestants will grace the stage of the National Cultural Centre on March 9, to compete in the Evening Gown segment which will bring the pageant to its conclusion. The contestant gaining the highest cumulated score for all the pageant events will be declared Ms GDF 2012. Currently, the contestants are in high spirits with each exuding confidence that she can win.

The pageant is one of the celebratory events for the Force’s 45th Anniversary of the Women’s army Corps. Others includes Raffle which was drawn at the Sashing Ceremony, an Outreach by Female NCOs, to female    retired shut-ins and a Debating Competition. All the pageant contestants will be involved in these other     activities.

Tickets for Pageant night will be on sale and       Officers and Ranks are encouraged to bring out their friends and families to support the contestant of their choice in what promises to be a superlative evening of entertainment. C U there!