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Four Officers, One Other Rank Return After Training in China

Four Guyana Defence Force Officers and an Other Rank recently returned from China where they successfully completed a number of Military courses.

Major Lloyd Souvenir, Captains Anson Weekes and James Fraser, Lieutenant Jermaine White and Staff Sergeant Selwyn Douglas completed the Army Battalion Commander Course, the Air Force Command and Staff Course, the Army Basic Staff Course, the Special Operations Platoon Leaders Course and the Wired Communication Engineers Course, respectively.

It was the first time that personnel from the GDF participated in the Air Force Command and Staff course and the Wired Communication Engineers Course. Captain Weekes, who completed the former at the Air Force Command College of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force in Beijing, was recognised for excellent performance as he achieved five A+ and nine A grade in the 14 subject areas.   

The Course covered a number of areas including National Security Strategy, Air Force Strategy, Air Force Combat Operation and Air Force Operational Organisation.alt


Additionally, Weekes was part of a seven-man group which won a war game organized by the College and also copped the second prize at an academic forum for being part of a three man group that authored a paper on “the Study of the Influence of Information Technology on Modern Warfare.”  He was also required to defend his thesis on “The Construction of an Air Force Operational Command and Control System Based on the Influential Factors in the Guyana Defence Force.”

Staff Sergeant Douglas, who is also the first individual to benefit from the Wired Communication and Engineers Course, was exposed to a number of areas including digital Communication Technology, Data Communication Network, Fibre-Optic Communications and Tactical Communication.

Since 2000 GDF students have been annually undergoing various training courses in China, which ranks number three for countries where GDF trains its ranks.  The first set of GDF officers to be trained in China was in 1976.