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Gdf cadet day highlights core skills training.

The Guyana Defence Force on Sunday, November 28, hosted CADET DAY 2010, providing families of prospective Officers with the opportunity to witness some aspects of their core skills training.

The Officer Cadets (OCDTS) of Standard Officers Course number forty-three (SOC #43) and Reserve officers Course number 15 demonstrated skills in the areas of Physical Training, Skill at Arms and Tactical Training. In the area of physical training, they displayed Circuit Log PT, navigated an Assault Course and simulated a ravine crossing. The cadets provided accurate descriptions of an array of weapons and then proceeded to professionally disassemble and re-assemble them while blindfolded. They also exhibited marksmanship skills at the Falling Plate shoots on the range. In displays of several aspects of jungle survival training, from identifying and garnering safe food to providing adequate shelter using available resources, it was clear that the Cadets had learned good tactical skills. They also executed tactical maneuvers during Section Battle Drills (a mock battle) highlighting how the enemy can be defeated through ambush. The visitors also toured the Cadets’ accommodations and expressed satisfaction with the high levels of discipline manifested, not only through their performances, but also from the pristine environs in which they were quartered.

In brief remarks, Prime Minister Mr. Samuel Hinds, greeted the gathering on behalf of the Commander-in-Chief, President Bharrat Jagdeo, thanking the parents for making their children available for military service to the nation. He lauded the Cadets’ performances and commended them for taking their first steps to confront the security challenges facing the nation.

Chief-of-Staff, Commodore Gary Best congratulated the OCDTS on their performances and thanked their parents, relatives and friends for sharing in the day’s activities. He exhorted the OCDTS to focus on the command aspect of their training in order that they may become good leaders. The COS also encouraged them to embrace good conduct and to demonstrate zero tolerance for indiscipline at all times, while ensuring that their military education was continuously enhanced through extensive reading.

A parent, Mrs. Rose Hetsberger, thanked the GDF for the opportunity to see and experience the various aspects of the OCDTS’ training through the CADET DAY’s activities. She said that while the training staff could justifiably feel proud about their products, the joy was that of the parents who had sacrificed to ensure that their children had the opportunity to develop professionally while being of service to the nation.

CADET DAY is traditionally organised to showcase the skills acquired by the Officer Cadets, and always occurs at the point of climax of their training and is a precursor to their promotion as Ensigns.