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54 pass out at ensigncy parade

Yesterday, 54 young men and women were honored at the Guyana Defense Force Ensigncy Parade which was held at Drill Square Camp Ayanganna.
Some of the Ensigns were honored for completing the Standard Officers’ Course #43 and some for completing the Reserve Officers’ Course # 15.
On the occasion, Chief of Staff Commodore Gary Best, in his address to the Ensigns, congratulated them on their achievement. “You are being rewarded for dedication and commitment. You exemplify the result of hard work.”

He told the ranks that they are being honoured because they have satisfied the primary objective of Standard Officers’ Course # 43.
“It means that you have already developed character and the powers of leadership, it means that you are now disciplined and confident and it also means that you understand the duties of good citizenship and how to be a patriot.”
Commodore Best further commended the work of the trainers who worked with the ensigns.
“The trainers did a splendid job in transforming you into military men and women…The path chosen by cadets is one adorned by high expectation, stringent standards and tremendous leadership opportunities and evaluation”.
The Army head spoke of the rigorous training the Ensign underwent to arrive at the stage they are.
“For months you have awakened at a time when most of your colleagues were asleep and challenge your body and your brains as you became mentally and physically prepared for services.
“I know at times you questioned the wisdom of continuing as well as your own sanity. We have all had those moments.
What is important is that you stayed and continued to work hard.”
Commodore Best noted that the Ensigns were drawn from the different ethnic groups and different religions, which seeks to demonstrate a sense of service from all in society. “You are a group of varying education background and you bring to the respective services a wide verity of intellectual talents”
He added that the group reflects the Commander in Chief’s vision for the Joint Services as it mirrors his thoughts with regards to the training of officers.
“The large intake for the Joint Services is deliberate and I believe that this is useful for us that it leads to commonality of our training and thinking which is intended to offer flexibility to face the challenges of the present security environment.”
He further charged the Ensigns to continue to work hard and to put professionalism as a priority as they go out to serve in the future.
“You must understand the people who you work with. You must have knowledge about the factor that impacts you. If you have a poor knowledge base you will fail as a leader.”
He urged the Ensigns to get up to date with technology, which is rapidly growing, around the world. “You have arrived at a time when the force is being transformed. Global security is at risk…exercise initiative.
“You will be expected to offer greater accountability for assets entrusted to you. When you assume leadership, you will be expected to take command of the force so that together we can lay the necessary foundation for others to build on.”
Best added, that commitment to serve must include honesty, integrity, fearlessness and selflessness. “You must ensure that your professional conduct reaches over racial and social barrier and you must earn respect of your superiors, peers and subordinates”.
He called on the Ensigns not to wear arrogance on your shoulder but instead command and communicate, respect senior and junior ranks and to be humble to learn from others and lead by example.