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The GDF team finished 2nd at the VII Boyce and Jefford Track and Field Classic

The GDF team finished 2nd at the VII Boyce and Jefford Track and Field Classic 

Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Mark Phillips, has congratulated the athletics team on their performance and participation in the recently concluded VII Boyce and Jefford Track and Field Classic.


The GDF team tallied a total of 329 points, in the recently concluded VII Boyce and Jefford Track and Field Classic, to finish in second place on Sunday, August 28. The athletic meet was held at the McKenzie Sports Club Ground in Linden.

Nevertheless, the GDF 42-member team delivered a sterling performances, which saw several of their team members recording their name in the history books. Outstanding among them, was Recruit (RCT) Teneisha Cort, who recorded personal bests (PB) in the Women’s discus and javelin with throws of 38.5m and 38,6m respectively.

Also delivering excellent performances were, Corporal (CPL) Patrick King who won the Men’s Long Jump (6.84m), RCT Natrena Hooper who won the triple jump (11.62m), Civilian Cleveland Forde who won the 5000m and placed second in the 1500m, Petty Officer (PO) Leslain Baird who won the Men’s Javelin (60.48m), CPL Rupert Perry who finished second in the Men’s 200m and RCT Aniqua Powley who finished second in the Women’s Long Jump (5.43m).

GDF Athletics Coach, Robert Chishlom, said that the team performed well despite the overall finish. He expressed confidence that, come the 2016 Inter-Services Athletics and Swimming Championship, the Guyana Defence Force athletes will deliver improved performances to once again retain the Champion title. 



The Guyana Flag was flown in honour of Guyana Defence Force Chief of Staff Brigadier General Mark Phillips, over the Pentagon in the USA. According to US Army Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Tyrone Bentick, this occurred on US Flag Day in observance of the “birthday” of the US Army.


LTC Bentick made the disclosure during a Courtesy Call to the Chief of Staff this morning. Brigadier General Mark Phillips said that he was pleased to learn of the flying of the Guyana flag at the pentagon in his honour, and thanked LTC Bentick and the US Department of Defence for the honour.




The Guyana Defence Force 2016 Bursary got a boost when the Deputy Director, Logistics Initiative Group (LIG), Headquarters, Department of the (US) Army, G-4, Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Tyrone C. Bentick presented, on his personal behalf, a cheque to the GDF Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Mark A. Phillips, when he paid a Courtesy Call on the COS at his office this morning.


The Guyana-born US Army Officer said that he was motivated to make the contribution since, as a youngster, he had been a recipient of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) Bursary. “I benefitted from the support of the Guyana Police Force, and now that I am an Army Officer, I feel that I should make the same contribution to the GDF.”


Accepting the cheque on behalf of the GDF, Brigadier Mark Phillips said that he was indeed proud to be receiving the contribution from a son of the soil who left Guyana many years ago as a young man, but who has not forgotten his roots. “Your contribution will boost our Bursary significantly and will be of benefit to the Awardees who are identified this year,” he said. “I am proud to be receiving this from you, a Guyanese who left our shores many years ago and who has now risen to the Rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army, who also understands the value of giving back to help others. The GDF thanks you and wish you many more success in your career going forward.”


Brigadier General Mark Phillips and LTC Bentick are both trained paratroopers. In recognition of the paratrooping fraternity, they exchanged with each other, their paratrooping “wings” LTC Bentick is the son of former Guyana Police Force Superintendent, Carlton Joseph (deceased) and retired nurse (Joan Gloria Eastman). He emigrated from Guyana to Brooklyn, NYC, in 1984. He graduated with distinction from the US Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army’s Ordnance Corps in 1994.


Commander in Chief and Defence Board witness conclusion of EX HOMEGUARD

Commander in Chief and Defence Board witness conclusion of EX HOMEGUARD


The Guyana Defence Force Field Tactical Exercise (FTX), EX HOMEGUARD, concluded on Thursday August 25, 2016 with the “Final Attack”.The Exercise,had commenced on August 17th, and saw the involvement of the 1 Infantry Battalion, the 2 Infantry Battalion (Guyana People’s Militia), and a Support Company.

The aim of the Exercise was to, through participation in a practical though simulated environment, prepare troops and ensure that their comprehension of “real world” battle scenarios. Part of the continuous training of Officers and Ranks of the GDF, it was also designed to enable them to test theories and develop new strategies related to how Open and Closed Country Warfare can best be executed.



The more than 900 troops involved, utilised all available resources to navigate the jungles and savannahs of the Tacama area, in a simulation of Closed Country (CCW) and Open Country Warfare (OCW). Commander in Chief, President David Granger along with members of the Defence Board, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo; Minister of State, Joseph Harmon; Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge; Finance Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Dr. Hector Butts; and Budget Director, Ministry of Finance, Ms. Gillian Pollard,  witnessed the “Final Attack.”


The Commander in Chief (CIC) congratulated the troops on completing a successful exercise. He indicated that members of the Defence Board present, were happy to see the hard work and training which had been put in, in order for the Exercise to be a success. He also noted that the GDF could not live without training as it was an absolute necessity for operational readiness.  Citing the GDF’s mandate to protect Guyana’s territorial integrity, he emphasised that constant and continuous training was necessary in order that the troops master the Art of War.

The Commander in Chief referenced EXERCISE GREENHEART which was successfully conducted last year in Region 7, to point out that the GDF trains its soldiers in all types of terrain. In Guyana we have the jungles and forested areas, there are also the highlands and wetlands as well as the savannahs where we are now. You have to learn to operate in all these areas. These Exercises move you into all these zones,” he said. President Granger also noted that, “high quality leadership was required” and that soldiers must be ready and able to train in any situation: day or night, in sun or rain.


He also noted that the Exercise is authorised by the Defence Board and aims to instruct Guyana’s military troops in tactical their doctrine. “It also allows you the opportunity to live and practice the Values and Standards of the GDF. Values such as duty and discipline,” he said. He also pointed out that, the Exercise also allows commanders to improve their planning for the future and for the GDF to keep abreast with modern aspects of operational readiness. “HOMEGUARD must be expanded to include all arms of the Force.  “This Exercise is a reaffirmation of your commitment and gives reassurance to the Defence Board that you are properly commanded and properly equipped. It is also reassuring to the citizens of this country that the GDF remains able and ready to defend their homeland.”


The CIC, Prime Minister and other members of the Defence Board also witnessed an expansive display of kit and equipment, during which troops described various weapons and items of kit.  


On Friday August 19, 2016, 227 Reservists of the Guyana People’s Militia, completed the 2016 edition of the Annual Camp at the GPM Headquarters at Base Camp Seweyo. The camp which commenced on August 5, 2016, catered for 336 reservists based at two locations. Apart from the 227 graduated on Friday August 19, 2016 while another 109 Reservists complete their jungle training at the Colonel Robert Mitchell Jungle and Amphibious Training School (CRMJATS) at Makouria, Essequibo, on Sunday August 21 before returning to their various Regions.


Addressing the Reservists at the closing ceremony, Deputy Chief of Staff, Colonel George Lewis, encouraged them to continue to access and engage in training. “The Guyana Defence Force, is designed to have two working components of both the Regular and the Reserve Force in the Regions. You are that Reserve Force,” he explained. “The Guyana People’s Militia is not the step-child of the GDF, rather you are an integral part of the GDF, we value you and you are also to value the contribution you are making to the development of the Militia and the GDF.

The GPM is growing and developing, and, in the medium term, will be able to fully augment the GDF. Colonel Lewis cautioned the Reservists not to use their training for the conduct of illegal activities. “Your training is to prepare you to defend Guyana, to defend the civil populace. You have not been trained to perform criminal acts, nor to be a threat to the public,” he warned. “We are training you to become competent to help build your regions and to respond professionally to any emergency situations which may occur there. Some of you are eventually going to be trained as auxiliary fire-fighters. Your mission is to build, strengthen and protect your communities and Guyana, when called upon to do so.”


During their training, two units of Reservists alternated between the headquarters of the GPM at Base Camp Seweyo on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway, and the Colonel Robert Mitchell Jungle and Amphibious School (CRMJATS) at Makouria, Essequibo. They were exposed to Physical Training, Drills, Skill-At-Arms, Field Craft, National Policy, Survival Skills, and special lectures conducted by staff of the GDF’s Force Welfare Department,  the Civil Defence Commission, and the Ministry of Public Health,  where Officers from the GPM serve. Several Reserve Officers served as trainers during the camp.

Participants in this year’s camp are from varying occupations with some being private sector employees, teachers, employees of state enterprises, students, and a student doctor. Their ages range from 18 years old to 34. Twenty-one of these 227 Reservists were trained for the first time in 2015, and returned to join this year’s camp. Aliesa Sankar, of Belfield on the East Coast of Demerara, said that she enjoyed the training so much last year that she decided to return and continue this year. “Last year it was tough since it was my first exposure to the military environment. However, I found the training to be very useful and this year I decided to return once again. It has been much easier for me to adapt this time around and I have enjoyed every moment of it,” she said. Several of the others who participated last year, echoed her sentiments while some of the newer participants said that it was an adventure they want to continue experiencing.  The GPM will also host a TEEN CAMP for youths aged 14 to 16, at Base Camp Seweyo from August 23-26.


The Guyana People’s Militia was re-established by Executive Order On December 1, 2015, and Colonel Patrick West is its Commandant. Established as a reserve force of able-bodied men and women to augment the Regular Forces of the Guyana Defence Force, the GPM will be operational across all Regions of Guyana. Citizens all across Guyana are encouraged to become members of the GPM.


The reservists were drawn from Regions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10, and are members of Companies which represent each of those regions. Regions 2 and 3 are represented in the 243 Company (Coy), while the 242 Coy represents Region 4. Reservists of Regions 5 and 6 are members of 244 Coy while the Region 10 Reservists are members of 245 Coy.