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Chief of Staff Brigadier George Lewis, presented two recently-retired Warrant Officers (WO) with tokens of recognition of their 25-plus years of Service to the Guyana Defence Force, at the Office of the COS at Defence Headquarters, Base Camp Ayanganna, on Friday, October 14.

Warrant Officers Class One, Joseph Holligan and William Arthur were presented with gold rings, each with the embedded numeral 25 on the top, inside the inscribed GDF emblem.
In brief remarks at the small yet significant gathering, Brigadier Lewis congratulated the former soldiers for their service and recounted his initial encounters with both men, noting that they had both been dedicated servicemen who had always put the interest of the Force first.



Chief of Staff Brigadier George Lewis received Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana, Pierre Giroux at his office on November 4, 2016 for a courtesy call.

A corps of Senior Officers including Deputy Chief of Staff, Colonel Patrick West welcomed the delegation and were involved in the discussions which followed.



Chief of Staff Brigadier George Lewis, earlier today recognised the outstanding performance of two children of members of the Force by way of the Chief of Staff Award for Academic Excellence.

The recipients, Markisha Thomas and Aneesa Hussein were awarded monetary incentives for their performance in the 2014 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Examinations.
The COS presented the awards during a simple ceremony at his Office at Base Camp Ayanganna.
Thomas, the daughter of Base Commander, Base Camp Ayanganna Lieutenant Colonel, a former student of Marian’s Academy and budding Oncologist, sat 9 subjects at 
CSEC, out of which she 6 Grade 1’s . Hussein, a Queens College student and daughter of Commandant of the Guyana People’s Militia Colonel Nazrul Hussein wrote 12 subjects out of which she gained 5 Grade 1s. She is on the road to becoming a Paediatrician. 
The two positive teens, who are well known to each other were also recipients of bursary awards from the Force, five years ago after the successfully completed the National Grade Six Assessment Examination.   The both said they are honoured to have been awarded and are both now pursing Biology, Chemistry, Pure Maths and Integrated Mathematics as well as a few other subject areas at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination.
Brigadier Lewis, in brief remarks told the teens that he was proud that the investment by their parents and the Force has borne fruits that they have not worked hard enough to earn the Chief of Staff Award for Academic Excellence.
“This award presents an opportunity for us to show appreciation for the hard work of the children of our Officers, Ranks and Civilian employees and also to recognise the sacrifices which your parents would have made,” the COS stated.
The Chief of Staff Award for Academic Excellence is the Force’s way of rewarding the children of its members who have performed outstandingly at the CSEC examinations. The minimum eligibility for this award is Five Grade Ones at one sitting.


Mexican Ambassador to Guyana, His Excellency, Mr. Ivan Roberto Sierra Medel, paid a Courtesy Call to Chief of Staff, Brigadier George Lewis on October 21 last. 


The Chief of Staff and Senior Officers of the Force, welcomed Ambassador Medel to the Office of The Chief of Staff, at Defence Headquarters, Base Camp Ayanganna.



As part of their military training in Open Country Warfare (OCW), Officer Cadets of Standard Officers Course #49 and Aspirants on the Leader Sergeant Course #3 successfully completed EXERCISE TRIPFLARE, in the savannahs of the Colonel John Clarke Military School, at Tacama.

During the Exercise, the participants engaged in learning the strategies and tactics of OCW, including Map Reading and Navigation, battle formations, and the siting and building of defensive positions.
Deputy Chief of Staff, Colonel Patrick West, and Commanding Officer Training Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Julius Skeete, visited the Exercise area and observed some demonstrations by the troops.