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Troops in a show of force for 51st Anniversary Route March

Officers and Ranks of the Guyana Defence Force took to the streets of Georgetown in a show of force, during the Force's 51st Anniversary Route March.

Departing Base Camp Ayanganna a little after daybreak, the troops marched along a pre-determined route through the city, to assemble at the D'urban Park "stadium" where they were addressed by Chief of Staff, Brigadier George Lewis, following which, the main address was delivered by the Commander in Chief, His Excellency President David Granger.  
Following His Excellency's address, the troops continued the March which culminated at the GDF Sports Ground and Base Camp Ayanganna.


Brigadier (ret'd) Mark Anthony Phillips was the Guest of Honour, when Chief of Staff, Brigadier George Lewis and the Officer Corps hosted the traditional "Dining Out" activity in his honour, last evening.
Brigadier Phillips officially retired on October 5, 2016, following almost 36 years of distinguished service to the Guyana Defence Force, and by extension, to the People of Guyana.
After presenting him with his "retirement" ring, Brigadier George Lewis expressed appreciation to Brigadier Phillips for his outstanding service.
In response, after sharing his journey from being a young Lindener to retiring from the appointment of Chief of Staff response, Brigadier Phillips thanked the Officers for the honour bestowed upon him. He encouraged them to be steadfast in their remit, and advised that they should not refuse any assignment nor shy away from accepting and functioning in any appointment, since those were the "tools" which served to hone their skills and develop their professionalism.
Brigadier Phillips also reminded the gathering that the GDF was a teaching and learning environment: one which provided for broad experiences upon which they could build Leadership capabilities. He also took the opportunity to emphasise that Leadership was all about accepting responsibility and being responsible. 
He concluded by expressing his gratefulness to the citizens of Guyana for providing the opportunity for him to serve in the Force. "I am and will forever be grateful to the government and people of Guyana for the opportunity I have had to serve. My education and academic achievements have been at the expense of taxpayers, and every appointment I have held, has been in service to those very citizens. Although I have retired from the GDF, I shall continue to serve Guyana and her people just as sincerely and professionally in the future," he said.

JSCC honours Brig (ret'd) Mark Phillips at Luncheon in his honour

Brigadier (ret'd) Mark Phillips, was the Guest of Honour at a Special Luncheon hosted by the Joint Services Coordinating Council (JSCC) yesterday. The Luncheon was hosted at the Officer's Mess of the Guyana Police Force.  

Chairman of the JSCC, GDF Chief of Staff George Lewis, lauded Brig Phillips' 30-odd years of service to the GDF and Guyana. The Heads of the other Disciplined Services also recognised and congratulated Brig Phillips on his military service and his tenure as Chief of Staff of the GDF, during which, he served as the Chairman of the JSCC.
The Council presented Brig (ret'd) Phillips with a token of appreciation, in recognition and appreciation of his sterling service. 
In brief remarks, Brig (ret'd) Phillips acknowledged the honour which was being accorded him by the Council. He thanked the Council's current Chairman and its members, noting the closeness and camaraderie which exists among the Council members and expressed the hope that, that close bond will be cultivated even among the subordinate ranks of the Joint Services over the coming years.  
(Photography by Private Kenneth Gaskin of the GDF's G5 Branch).


Deputy Chief of Staff (DCOS) of the Guyana Defence Force, Colonel Patrick West, earlier today declared open the Force Training Conference 2016. During the conference, Commanding Officers will present the Training Report for their respective Units, and, along with key training personnel, assess and review their stewardship for the current year, and make important projections for 2017.

Training in the GDF is aligned to the Force’s primary role, and is generally guided by particular objectives.

Addressing the conference, Col West stated that, in light of the ever-changing security environment, training must support the need for the versatility of ranks, and must also influence changes in the national and internal security environment, in consideration of projected economic activities. He urged the Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers present, to evaluate the end product in order to ensure that it satisfies the Force’s objectives, particularly since feedback is integral to informing the required model. He further stated that Training in the GDF must be comparable to the training done in countries which the GDF considers its counterparts. “Our ranks must be able to handle themselves in equivalent capacities. Our training must foster that capability,” he insisted.

The DCOS re-iterated the need for emphasis on regimentation at all levels of training. “We must be re-oriented to the fact that, we are soldiers at all levels,” he said.

He added that, in 2017, training must fill capability gaps, build team-spirit among ranks, and enhance operational actions, at all levels.



Eleven members of the Guyana Defence Force, graduated on Saturday, November 12, 20916, with Undergraduate Degrees and Diplomas as members of the University Of Guyana's Class of 2016.

The graduates were: Lieutenant Colonel Godfrey Bess - BSc Business Management , Lieutenant Colonel Dwain Jervis - B Soc Sociology, Major (ret'd) Parmeshwar Netram - Diploma Public Administration, Major Delbert George - B Soc Communication, Major Lloyd Souvenir - Diploma in Public Management, Major Earl Edghill - B Soc Communication, Captain Orwain Sandy - B Soc Sociology, Captain Budeshwar Persaud - Diploma Civil Engineering, Lieutenant (CG) Travis Morgan - BSc Mechanical Engineering, Sergeant Seon Duncan - BSc Pharmacy, and Corporal Antoinette Lewis - Diploma Social Work.

The success of these soldiers, is further testimony to the GDF's commitment to ensuring that its troops gain access to higher education, in order that they may develop professionally and personally. Armed as they are with higher level certification, they are better able to impact the development of the GDF on the professional level. Additionally, their academic achievements put them in good stead as qualified professionals, for continued service to Guyana, even after they would have ceased to serve in the Guyana Defence Force.

Chief of Staff Brigadier George Lewis congratulates the Officers and Ranks, and encourages them to continue pursuing excellence!

(Photography by Privates Marvin Frank and Shakeil Grant, of the GDF's G5 Branch).