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Private Joel Peters (Best graduating Student) and Private Leron Torrington, the Runner-up, were among the 28 young soldiers graduated today, following their successful completion of the Grade III Artillery and Support Weapons Course.

Major Courtney Mendonca, delivered the feature remarks at the graduating ceremony, which was held at the Jaguar Lecture Hall at Base Camp Stephenson. He congratulated the soldiers on their accomplishment and encouraged them to keep pursuing knowledge as they serve. He also urged them to take a deep interest in their Units and the Force as a whole, and to gain as deep and purposeful an understanding of their role in enabling the GDF to fulfill its mandate to secure Guyana's territorial integrity.

During the 11-week course, the soldiers studied various modules which were designed to provide them with the introductory knowledge and skills development to develop competence in the preparation of Artillery weapons and ammunition for firing, to understand the factors which affect the accurate firing of the rounds, have the ability to effectively send and receive messages, using correct procedures, to understand the tactical functions of the various Artillery and Support Weapons in all phases of war, among other things. 

The graduation of these soldiers, 24 from the 21 Artillery Company, and four from the Support Company, enhances the capacities of these sub-units to support the Force in its missions.

GDF Co-op Credit Union delivers for members

The Long-Term Loan ceiling at the GDF Co-operative Credit Union which was pegged at one million two hundred thousand dollars ($1.2M) has been increased to two million dollars ($2M), and the Auto Loan ceiling is now set at three million ($3M) dollars, up from $1.2M. Additionally, the Credit Union will now begin offering Mortgage Loans to a maximum of five million dollars ($5M) to all eligible members. However, the mortgage loans will be subject to the same rules, as they apply regarding the issuance of such loans at commercial banks.

These are some of the more impactful decisions coming out of the just-concluded Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Guyana Defence Force Co-operative Credit Union. The Credit Union held its AGM yesterday, May 10, at Base Camp Stephenson, Timerhi. Chairman of the Committee of Management (CoM), Colonel Gary Beaton, delivered his report to the hundreds of members who were present.

The CoM has also seen the infusion of new blood, in the persons of Warrant Officers Class Two Cleveland O’Brien and Dwain Daniels, and retired Corporal, Cecil Bradford, who replaced Majors Eon Murray, Eon Caulder, and Michael Shaoud, who previously sat on the committee.

Staff Sergeant, Sithole George, Sergeant Vernon Cummings, Corporal Delroy Baird, Lance Corporals Calvin Crawford, Imtiaz Yasin and Quincy Craig, and Privates Kevon Williams, Devon Miller, Telvin Richards, and Aluko Bess, won door prizes, of $10,000 each.

67 Soldiers sucessfully complete Junior Leaders Course

The Guyana Defence Force Training Corps has produced an additional 67 Junior leaders who are equipped with the necessary skills to lead and administer a section, squad or equivalent in peacetime or combat. The soldiers completed the Junior Leaders Course (JLC) 2017-01 which officially concluded on Wednesday May 5, 2017 at Base Camp Stephenson, Timehri.

The course commenced on February 6, 2016 with sixty- nine (69) students drawn from various Units. During the period, three students had to withdraw for medical reasons while another three were returned to their Units for failing to reach the required standards. Five students joined the course to complete failed modules from the last course.

Training was conducted at the Colonel John Clarke Military School, Tacama, Base Camp Stephenson, Colonel Robert Mitchell Jungle and Amphibious Training School (CRMJATS) and also at Linden where students were exercised in Internal Security .

LCPL Harold Barrow of Procurement Office, Base Camp Ayanganna graduated Best Student and also won the Prize for Best Military Knowledge. LCPL Alciliano Carvajal was the Runner-Up student while LCPLs Devon Nurse and Cleon Jack won the prizes for Best Drill and Best Shot, respectively. LCPL Sean Williams was the Best Fitness Student.

The Course covered a number of areas including Open and Close Country Warfare, Drills, Field Craft, Military History, Skill at Arms ,Signals ,  First Aid, Leadership and Administrations.

The Junior Leaders Course was of a twelve-week duration.


10 Junior Officers graduate from PCC# 25

Ten Second Lieutenants are now equipped to apply GDF doctrines at the Platoon level and to command a Platoon in peace time and in combat, following their successful completion of the Platoon Commanders Course Number 25.

Second Lieutenant Rawl Lord, gained the Best Student award. Deputy Chief of Staff, Colonel Nazrul Hussain presented him with his award. Meanwhile, Second Lieutenant Garvon Douglas was the Runner Up to the Best Graduating Student. He was presented with his award by Staff Officer One General Five (ag) Major Michael Shaoud.

The closing ceremony for the course was held at the Jaguar Lecture Hall at Training Corps, Base Camp Stephenson on May 9.

“Continue in the spirit of honesty…,” COS to new soldiers.

Chief of Staff, Brigadier Patrick West, congratulated and welcomed 260 new Privates into the ranks of the Guyana Defence Force on Thursday 17-05-04. The new soldiers successfully completed the Basic Recruit Course 2017/01(BRC 2017/01) and had put on a splendid parade at the ceremony marking their “Passing Out” at the Colonel John Clark Military School in Tacama.


In his maiden address as Chief-of-Staff to a graduating BRC, Brigadier West charged the new entrants to “…continue in the spirit of honesty…”, which he identified as the value that will keep them in good standing with others and with the G

DF. ‘I commend each young man and woman who made the courageous decision to offer him or herself for a meaningful and purposeful career in uniform. If you understand that decision and its purpose, it will keep you here rooted,” he said.

Continuing to focus on their need to become professional during their dedication to duty and service to the nation, the Brigadier delivered several other charges to the new Privates. “Understand your environment! Our country is at an important stage of its development. The discovery of oil in commercial quantities will impact the Force and this nation. We have to safeguard the normal functions of our democratic institutions, therefore, greater vigilance will be required on our borders,” he said.

In encouraging them to be loyal, he said “Be loyal to your country, its Constitution and Laws, and your fellow soldiers. Adopt a “must succeed” attitude and always maintain a high level of discipline”.

 The Chief of Staff explained that, in order for them to define their purpose and propel themselves forward, they had to each answer the question “why?”  “Why am I here? Why did I risk so much to join the ranks as soldiers? Why did I answer the call when it was advertised? Why did I stay? Why did I not give up, even when I was pushed to my limit and beyond?” He also explained to them that they have to understand what it means to be a solider. “A soldier is a person who agrees to give his life in defence of his country. As a soldier, your constitutional duty is to defend Guyana and maintain order in Guyana. These two tasks will require great sacrifice on your part. In defending Guyana, some of you will be posted to our borders. In maintaining order in Guyana, some of your will work with the other services,” he said.  “A soldier also contributes to the economic development of the country; some of you will therefore, be posted to service support and combat service support arms 

of the Force,” he continued.

The 205 males and 55 females who successfully completed the training, were from all across Guyana, and included 18 youths from Paramakatoi in Guyana’s Pakaraima Mountains (12 males and six females).

Seven Awards were presented by the Chief of Staff. The awards went to Private (PTE) Troy Miggins who was the Best Graduating Student, PTE Akeem Johnson who was the Runner –Up student, PTE Devon Williams for Best Military Knowledge, PTE Maria Mingo for Best Shot, PTE Odwin Tudor for Best Fitness, PTE Lloyd Williams for Best Drill, and the Number Three Platoon for Best Platoon.

The new Privates have already been posted to the Units at which they will serve following a brief period of Rest and Relaxation (R&R).