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Thirty – Four members of the Guyana Defence Force, including civilian employees are currently undergoing HIV Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) training which is being facilitated by the National Aids Programme Secretariat (NAPS).

The training commenced on Monday September 15 and will essentially equip participants with the skills to provide VCT services to persons desirous of knowing their status.


National VCT coordinator , Deborah Success- Hall explained that the training is being conducted in three phases: Counselling, Practical and Preceptorship. She noted that it was important for persons accessing the services of VCTs to be prepared psychologically and in this vein, 10 days of the training has been dedicated to Counselling. In this regard too, she pointed out that emphasis is being placed on ensuring that participants are equipped with skills to handle the other cross cutting issues which may affect clients. “ “Sometimes clients come with other social issues which may be affecting them ,so at least we want to ensure that the counsellors and testers are equipped to deal with these issues at least at the basic level” she noted.

She noted that at the end of this counselling phase, participants will be subjected to an evaluation for which they must achieve at least 85% which automatically qualifies them for the Practical Aspect of the training which involves actual Testing. Thereafter, they will move to the Preceptorship phase which will see them attached to a high volume VCT site for first- hand experience in service delivery.

NAPS STI Co-ordinator , Dr. Romona Morgan  and VCT Quality Officer  Delon Braithwaite as well as Trevor McIntosh are also the training facilitators. 

This training builds on previous training that has been done in the past and will enhance the capacity of the Force’s HIV Aids Prevention Programme.   The programme is one of the success stories among the countrywide efforts to fight HIV. 

One hundred and forty students gained Work-study experience with the GDFin 2014







The final 66, of the 140 students who participated in the 2014 Work Study programme with the Guyana Defence Force, were presented with Certificates of Participation, at a simple closing ceremony at Base Camp Ayanganna. During the ceremony, some students performed a poetry recital. Seventy-four other students had completed their attachments earlier.

Staff Officer One General Five, Major Lorraine Foster, congratulated the students on their successes at the 2014 CSEC examinations, and encouraged them to continue working hard to achieve future goals. “On behalf of the Chief of Staff and all the Officers and Ranks of the GDF, I congratulate you all. To those who realised their dreams you have gained the fruits of your labours. However, those of you who may have fallen short of the mark know that this is not the end of the road,” she said, “you can return to school and re-sit those subjects in which you did not fare well. You have the opportunity to enhance your performance, by being a bit more disciplined and dedicated.”

“Those of you, who are continuing on to university, understand that you cannot take the high school mentality there with you. You are going to have to mature very quickly and continue to work hard to be successful,” she added. “Those of you who are going on to the world of work, it is our hope that you have learned from us much that you can take to your places of employment that will make you excellent employees and assets to the various firms. You too, will have to dedicate yourselves and work hard. And, to those returning to school to re-sit exams, be diligent, study harder and commit yourselves to excellence. The Guyana Defence Force wishes you all well in whatever future undertakings you pursue!”

The Work-Study programme is an annual activity that sees the GDF providing on-the-job learning for students graduating from various educational institutions across the country.The students, who participate each year, are drawn from the Ministry of Education, the Kuru Kuru Co-operative College, the Government Technical Institute, GRECO, and a few private educational institutions.

The GDF’s partnership with these educational institutions is in keeping with the Force’s remit to contribute to national development, by aiding youths to gain the much needed experiences of the workplace, so necessary for developing their appreciation for occupational life.



The Guyana Defence Force hosted the Brazilian Army for the inaugural Bilateral Defence Workgroup meeting.

The opening ceremony of the meeting was held at the Guyana International Conference Centre.





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The Guyana Defence Force and the People’s Liberation Army of China signed a US$4.8M military aid package.

The signing took place at the opening ceremony of the Guyana-China Bilateral Staff Conference 2014, at the Guyana International Conference Centre.


GDF graduates 10 from its Senior Command and Staff Course Number 13










Ten Officers, including one from the St Kitts and Nevis Defence Force (SKNDF), graduated today from the Guyana Defence Force Senior Command and Staff Course (SCSC) Number 13. Having successfully completed the course, the ten Officers are now equipped to command Units and Sub-Units and perform Staff duties at senior levels of the GDF and the SKNDF.

Lieutenant Commander Roger Nurse gained top honours as Best Graduating Student and also copped the award for presenting the Best Research Paper. Major Kester Craig was the runner-up.

Congratulating the graduating officers, Chief of Staff (COS), Brigadier Mark Phillips emphasised that leadership is about responsibility. “When you are in command, Command!” he charged, “Performance, professionalism, upholding the values and standards of the GDF are very important, as you leave this course.”

“This course is the most senior course of the GDF and it brings together the triumvirate of defence, development and diplomacy as it pertains to Guyana. You have been immersed in content that has broadened your knowledge and you ought now and always to be able to speak with confidence on issues. If you are to lead you must master the ability to research, analyse and communicate effectively,” he said


Reminding the officers that they were now moving into another phase of their careers, the COS entreated them to adapt their minds to higher levels of strategic and operational

thinking. He explained that this was critical, since the contemporary operating environment of the GDF was evolving and the threats to Guyana’s development were becoming more diverse. “We must continue inter-agency cooperation by refining existing protocols, by investing in the design of new mechanisms for continuous collaboration, and by formulating more coherent policies to better coordinate the work of our defence and security agencies, in order to achieve better operational results.” he said. “Our future plans, will be the fruits of your labour as you apply critical thinking techniques to solve the problems associated with the uncertainties of our contemporary operating environment.”

The 16-week course covered areas such as Military law, Command and Leadership, Intelligence and Security and Peace Operations along with other related military modules. Each officer was required to prepare, present and defence a research paper as a requirement for graduation. The officers visited several Guyanese state and non-state agencies including the Civil Defence Commission the Private Sector Commission and The Ministry of Natural resources and Environment, and also paid a visit to the Brazilian Army’s Amazon Command.