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Medical Outreaches and Expo serve the people

“Service” is the Motto of the Guyana Defence Force. This has been the posture of the Force ever since its formation in 1965.

While its primary role is  to safeguard and defend the territorial integrity of Guyana, the GDF is also constitutionally mandated to contribute to the development of the nation.  On October 3, 4, 10 and 11, GDF troops visited the communities of Skeldon and Liverpool on the Corentyne, Linden in Region 10, and Uitvlugt on the West Coast of Demerara, to bring the GDF’s 50th Anniversary Expo to the residents. The delivery of medical services and the demonstration of other skills nurtured by the GDF were the main features of the Expos.

In each community, hundreds of citizens came out and benefitted from free medical services which included blood pressure, cholesterol, haemoglobin, and diabetes testing, blood grouping determination, and,  testing and counseling for HIV. As many as 100 residents across the communities, benefitted from dental checks and extractions.

All the residents, particularly the children, were thrilled by Paratrooping displays that were done by members of the GDF Team. At each Expo, the paratroopers were mobbed by residents who wanted to congratulate them and also have their photos taken with the brave men. Also, to the delight and appreciation of residents in each community, members of the GDF Band Corps performed band displays and serenaded the residents with national songs, soca and calypso music.

The reception given to the GDF troops was always warm and hospitable, and, in each instance, residents expressed the hope that the Force would host the outreaches more frequently. Several youngsters also expressed a desire to enlist with the Force and were advised on how they may do so.

As the GDF’s 50th Anniversary celebrations move into high gear in November, more communities across Guyana will share the same experiences as these communities have.


GDF maintaining a professional approach to GFF elections

The Guyana Defence Force is maintaining a solidly professional approach to the upcoming elections of the Guyana Football Federation.

The GDF categorically states that it will not engage in any public support for either of the two teams, Team Integrity and Team Unity, which are contesting the elections. Additionally, no member of the GDF will be on the slate of either of the two teams. As such, Captain Loring Benons, the President of the GDF Football Club, has since withdrawn from Team Integrity.

Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Mark Phillips met with representatives of Team Unity, a meeting which was requested by the team. He stands ready to also meet with Team Integrity’s representatives at a mutually convenient time.

The GDF Football Team has, over the years, been one of the signal Clubs in many of the GFF and GFA Tournaments, and will continue to do its part to foster the growth and development of football in Guyana, without, in this instance, any show of partisan support. 

GDF, Best Gym at National Intermediate

The Guyana Defence Force clinched the Best Gym title when the 2015 National Intermediate Boxing championships concluded at California Square on Sunday, September 20.

With 13 Finalists the GDF delivered exceptional performances to finish with seven Champions and six runners-up in several weight divisions. GDF Coach and National Technical Director, Terrence Poole, indicated his total satisfaction with the performances of his charges.

“That all thirteen of our finalists made a mark in this championship is commendable, since each boxer, champion or runner-up, delivered outstanding performances,” he said, “while all the guys did very well, I am very proud of the Champion in the Junior Flyweight division, Private (PTE) Teusimar Peters. Peters trained with us over the duration of one week and, despite not having the full immersion as his team-mates, he shone in the ring. His fight was impressive and was the most talked-about bout of the finals.”

Mr. Poole expressed confidence that the GDF will achieve more success at the National Open Championship, which is slated for sometime in October. “We are going to continue making waves and delivering exceptional performances. The National Open is an important tournament for us because its outcomes will determine who is tipped to represent Guyana at the International Goodwill Tournament which is scheduled to be hosted right here in Guyana from November 26-29. I am confident that a number of GDF boxers will be on the Guyana team.”

The GDF Champions are: PTE Teusimar Peters - Jnr Flyweight; PTE Keon Williams - Bantamweight; OR Colin Lewis - Jr Welterweight; PTE Marley Ross - Welterweight; OR Dwayne July - Middleweight; Mikel Sancho - Lt Heavyweight; and, Royden Joseph -  Super Heavyweight.

The boxers who were Runners-Up are: PTE Teflon Green - Flyweight; PTE Courtney Lynch- Bantamweight; Civ Akeem Henry  Lightweight; Civ Winston Long - Welterweight; PTE Joshua Fraser - Middleweight; and, PTE Shemar Eastman-  Heavyweight.

The Chief of Staff, Officers and Ranks of the GDF, congratulate all the boxers, Coach Poole and the Gym for their outstanding successes.


82 complete post-BRC specialist training

Eighty-two soldiers successfully completed post-BRC specialist training on Friday, September 18 at Base Camp Stephenson. Forty-seven of the soldiers graduated from the Standard Infantryman Course (SIC) 2015-02, while 37 others graduated from the Artillery and Support Weapons Course (ASWC) 2015-01.

22730 PTE Eon Thomas was adjudged the Best Student of SIC, while 23174 PTE Romario Wilson and 23714 PTE Roy Magloire copped the Runner-up and Best Fitness awards respectively.On the ASWC, 23351 PTE  Keon Blunt and 23834 PTE Shaquille Harte were honored as the Best and Runner-up Student respectively.

Second in Command of the First Infantry Battalion, Major Raul Jerrick, congratulated the successful soldiers.“Congratulations! This is your first tier of upward mobility in the GDF. Every good destiny begins with the first step.” he said.  He pointed to the significance of the two courses sharing the same graduation and noted that it was, “...a clear demonstration of the need to interface with each other in the military. We depend on each other to effectively carry out our roles and the effort of one unit contributes directly to the result of another.”



22314 AR Curtis Micklewas adjudged the Best Graduating Studentwhen seven Coast Guard ranks graduated from the Grade III Marine Diesel Engine Operator Course on September 15 last. Mickle said that he did not initially set out to earn the award as Best graduating Student; “At the beginning of our assessments, I was average. However, as the course progressed,  my assessed scores kept improving and, as a result of my hard work and dedicated studies, I have gained the award.” AR Mickle said that one ought to be focused and be purposeful; “Nothing good comes without dedication and determination to succeed,” he said.

In his remarks to the graduates, Captain (CG) Gary Beaton first congratulated them on their achievement. He then cautioned them to remember that their graduation at this level, was only one phase in their training, and to realise that the pinnacle of their career is yet to be achieved. “This is the first step toward building a career as engineers. You have many more levels of learning to complete. As technical persons, working with the engines of our vessels, your’s is a critical task. Your skill and the professional application of your knowledge is what will make the difference in whether or not many of our operations are successful,” he said.

Among the graduates was the lone female, OR Aliesha Moseley, whose goal is to become a certified marine engineer. She acknowledges that the going will be tough, but that she is ready to be challenged further.