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GDF MAKES IT TWO IN A ROW: CAPTURES THE JOINT SERVICES TRACK AND FIELD TITLE For the second straight year, the Guyana Defence Force battled its way to bragging rights, winning the Inter-Services Athletics Championship (ISAAC)

For the second straight year, the Guyana Defence Force battled its way to bragging rights, winning the Inter-Services Athletics Championship (ISAAC).

Commencing with a convincing win in Road Relay on Day 1 of the championship, the GDF immediately went on to challenge its sister services in the Swimming competition (Swimming was added to the schedule of events in this year’s edition of the Championship). Unfortunately, several disqualifications based on poor technique saw the Force trailing the Guyana Police Force at the end of the day, by 47 points.

Nevertheless, the GDF soldiered on into Day 2 eager to erase that deficit and successfully defend their title as the Champions of the meet.

For the first time in the Championship’s history, GDF females dominated the field, winning all the scheduled field events. The Males lost only two such events.

Champion Female of the meet, Recruit Naturena Hooper, broke the female Triple Jump record registering a jump measuring 13.13 meters. Meanwhile, Recruit Domon Williams broke the Male Triple Jump Record with a jump of 15.02 meters, and Petty Officer (PO) Leslain Baird destroyed the Championship record for the Javelin.

GDF were also dominant in the 4X100 meters (Male), the 4x400 meters (Male) and the 4x400 meters (Female) relays.

Recruit Tenisha Cort, participating in her first ISAAC, turned in outstanding performances in the Javelin and Discus, throwing 38 meters with the javelin and earning herself a Championship record.

There were several outstanding and improved performances by GDF athletes. Tyrone Hamid, cleared the two-meter mark in the High Jump, making it the first time in 15 years that that feat was achieved.

GDF athletes gained high praise from Athletics Coach, Robert Chisholm, and Assistant Coach, Raul Griffith. “Our athletes pulled out every stop! Our mission was to win and, like true soldiers, the athletes took to the field and delivered,” said Chisholm. Addressing the loss at swimming, Chisholm would only say that the services of a swimming coach will ensure that the GDF excels in that event come 2016.

Commander in Chief Brigadier (ret’d) David Granger, declared the meet open, also presented the winner’s trophy to the GDF for taking top honours the performances of the GDF athletes at the March Past.

The Chief of Staff Officers and Ranks of the Force commend and congratulate Team GDF on their superb performances and for successfully defending their title as ISAAC Champions!



“We cannot sell out. We cannot give away. We cannot offer the adversary any corridor or any passage." Commander in Chief, Brigadier David Granger said as he congratulated the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) on its commitment to protecting the sovereignty of Guyana. He reassured all Guyanese that not one square inch of Guyana’s land space nor any part or her sea space would be “given away” to Venezuela.

His declaration, was made on Monday, October 26, as he lauded the GDF for the successful completion of Exercise Greenheart, which had just concluded in the Cuyuni-Mazaruni area in Region Seven.

"We have an obligation to hand over to our children and grandchildren, the country we inherited from our parents and grandparents!” he said. He said too, that although Guyana and Guyana’s economic partners have been terrorized by gunboats from the east and west, the GDF must always be able to guarantee the people that they will be safe. “Today, Guyana has witnessed a display of total national defence.”

“This is not an offensive operation, this is an operation of defence.” he said,” “Greenheart is about defining your territory. We are not defensive nor aggressive. We are protective not offensive. We are positive not negative….they say that Bartica is the gateway to the hinterland. The enemy thought that Bartica would have been the gateway to the coastland but the GDF has stopped the enemy in their tracks so Bartica is the gateway to a free Guyana,” he reassured.

“The exercise is based on the environment of Guyana which is three-quarters  covered in jungle and today, the GDF have displayed, demonstrated, and proved that it is a jungle force to be reckoned with because they have been able to master the environment of Guyana…what you have done here today is exemplary."

Stressing the importance of exercises like this one, President Granger said, "People must know that when they come into Guyana to invest, they will be coming into a safe environment that is protected by one of the best defence forces in the Caribbean, the GDF."


On Monday, October 26, EXERCISE GREENHEART concluded with a very realistic demonstration of military capability in what was termed the “Final Push” or the “Final Battle”, in the vicinity of the airstrip at Bartica.

Conducted over  a period of one week, the Exercise, designed as tactical Close Country warfare training, saw the GDF troops, operating in two Battalions and a Support Company negotiate their way through dense jungle to achieve their objectives.

One Battalion (the friendlies), commanded by Major Raul Jerrick, inserted themselves into the jungle and advanced tactically with the aim of over running, and capturing the Two Battalion (enemy), commanded by Captain Paul Singh. The “Final Battle was the perfect simulation of a stealthy, co-ordinated and well-executed attack, which achieved its objective.

Commander in Chief, His Excellency the President, Brigadier (re’td) David Granger and Minister of Public Security, Kemraj Ramjattan, witnessed the “Final Battle”.

The Commander in Chief lauded the magnificent performance of the GDF at the conclusion of the exercise. "What you have done here today is exemplary," he said, noting that the GDF have demonstrated that they are a jungle force to be reckoned with. "People must know that when they come into Guyana to invest, they will be coming into a safe environment that is protected by one of the best defence forces in the Caribbean, the GDF…what you have done here today, GDF, is an example to show our foreign direct [investors] that their investments are safe and that Guyana will use every fibre of its State system of its defence forces to protect their investment." Congratulating the GDF on the successful completion of the exercise, President Granger told the soldiers that they have demonstrated that they are an army of the people!

Following the “Final Battle” at the airstrip, the troops massed and marched through the streets of the Bartica township where they were enthusiastically received and showered with praises by thousands of residents, including hundreds of school children who had turned out to see and cheer on their brave men and women in uniform.


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GDF conducting Internal Security training at Leonora

The Guyana Defence Force has today commenced Internal Security training, at Leonora on the West Coast of Demerara. This training will conclude on Wednesday, November 4.


The GDF wishes to inform residents of Leonora and the surrounding communities, that there is nothing to fear from the presence and movement of troops within their environs.


Chief of Staff is awarded the MSS

The National Cultural Centre seemed to overflow with Very Important People (VIPs) which included His Excellency The President and Commander in Chief (C-in-C), Brigadier David Granger, members of his Cabinet, members of the Diplomatic Corps, and scores of special invitees, as the 2015 Investiture Ceremony got underway there.

The Cultural Centre was cool, the lighting muted, the stage well-decorated with a stupendously beautiful backdrop depicting the National Symbols of the nation. The initial hubbub died down as all were asked to stand for the arrival of the President in the auditorium, and the ceremony commenced.

It was in this splendid atmosphere, amongst all the pomp and ceremony, that Guyana Defence Force Chief of Staff (COS) Brigadier General Mark Anthony Phillips ascended the stage to receive Guyana’s highest military award, the Military Service Star (MSS). Following his flawless military approach and crisp salute, The COS approached and the         C-in-C conferred upon him the MSS. What followed, was a congratulatory handshake after which the COS saluted the C-in-C once again and departed the stage for his seat.

Brigadier General Phillips, was among 53 Awardees who were honoured by the people of Guyana, at the Investiture Ceremony. Also receiving  National Awards were Colonel (ret-d) Wilbert Arlington Lee, and Lt Colonel (ret’d) Walter Leyland Morris, who were also conferred with the Military Service Medal (MSM).

In his address, President Granger said that, national awards are a symbol of nationhood and are the greatest gift that a nation can offer to its citizens. “Guyana commends you for the outstanding service that you have rendered and which has been recognised. Your commitment to the public good deserves requital. Your dedication to the improvement of your professional calling, your community and your country is appreciated and has been acknowledged."

Brigadier Phillips said that he is humbled by the award and said that he will continue to serve the GDF and the Guyana with the highest degree of dedication and professionalism.

All Officers, Other ranks and Civilian employees of the Force congratulate COS Brigadier Mark Phillips on the conferral of the Military Service Star.