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Brazilian Ambassador, His Excellency Lineu Pupo De Paula, today handed over $26M in equipment to GDF Chief Of Staff, Brigadier Mark Phillips, at Base Camp Stephenson. The donated equipment, is the outcome of continued government to government cooperation between Brazil and Guyana, and particularly, between the countries militaries.

The military aid package, consists of eight ARUA 600 Aluminium boats, each outfitted with a Mercury 2-stroke, 40HP electric-start, gasoline outboard motors; 204 Milspec NORMAM5 Jungle warfare life jackets; 200 Ploymer magazine unloaders; 6 military compasses, 20 GPSMAP62s GPS receivers, and one CASE SV185 Bobcat with accessories. This equipment will enhance the training and operational capacity of the GDF, at Colonel Robert Mitchell Jungle and Amphibious Training School (CRMJATS) at Makouria.

Speaking briefly of the donation, which is almost like a 50th birthday gift for the GDF, Ambassador De Paula referenced the long standing cooperation between Brazil and Guyana and said that more has to be done to continue building stronger relations. “We need to go further. We already have military instructors and materials available, but we must look for more ways to improve co-operation,” he said.


Brazilian Military Attaché Colonel Oswaldo Romāo, explained that the reality of the military aid package stems from the fruitful discussions between the GDF and the Brazilian Military, at the 2014 First Bilateral Working Group cacaus. He referenced the coperation between the Brazilian and Guyanese militaries which hails from 1996. “It is an honour to present this equipment which will enhance and impact the training povidedat the GDF’s Jungle warfare school,” he said.

GDF Chief of Staff, Brigadier Mark Phillips, thanked the government and people of Brazil as well as the Brazilian Armed Forces, for their unwavering commitment to aiding the GDF in enhancing the delivery of military jungle training. “This is concrete proof of the ongoing security cooperation between our nations. CRMJATS will be better equipped and this equipment will agument the work of your instructors who are with us and who have aided in improving the delivery of training at our primere jungle training school,” he said, “this will help to move forward, our programme to develop JATS as a Centre of Excellence in jungle training not only for the GDF but for any other country which needs to benefit from such a facility. My highest regards are extended to Maj General Luis Schons, whose promise is now a reality. We are assured that security co-operation between our states and militaries is in good hands as we continue to work together to strengthen our relations.”

Following the handing over of the equipment, at which Officers and ranks of the GDF and the Brazilian Armed Forces were present, there was a demonstration of some of the equipment.




The Guyana Defence Force, in conjunction with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), recently hosted a two-day seminar for Trainers, on International Humanitarian Law (IHL), for senior officers. The purpose of the seminar was to provide those officers with the necessary tools so that they could teach ranks under their command about aspects of IHL

IHL, also known as laws of war and laws of armed conflict, is the legal framework applicable to situations of armed conflict and occupation, with its principal purpose being to limit the effects of armed conflict on the combatants and affected civil populace.

The seminar was facilitated by Mr Peter Evans and Ms. Alexandra Ortiz from the ICRC, and saw the participation of 22 senior officers of the GDF.

In his opening remarks at the seminar, Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Mark Phillips spoke about the importance and timeliness of this training, to the ranks of the GDF and exhorted the participants to dedicating themselves to gaining a thorough understanding of the information shared, and the necessary methodologies which would enable them to effectively impact their subordinates.

According to ICRC Armed Forces delegate, Mr Pete Evans, the aim was to ensure that the officers understood critical processes underlying and mandated by IHL, and also aid them in acquiring the techniques necessary for teaching others the relevant subject matter. “It was a privilege to work with this group of officers. The material presented was quite much but they grasped the concepts very quickly and articulated quite knowledgeably on various aspects during the programme,” he said. “Because this seminar was about training people to train others, the focus was on several practical exercises designed to highlight how well the participants assimilated the information and were able to transmit it coherently to others.”

Deputy Chief of Staff (ag) Colonel George Lewis, explained that the hosting of the seminar was quite timely. “The GDF has benefitted from several previous training sessions with ICRC, but this is the first time in the recent past that we are having the Train the Trainers programme being conducted. Commanders are required to have a proper understanding or International Humanitarian Law. But it is also of great importance that they understand how to teach the material to their subordinates. With the conclusion of this seminar, this cohort of officers are now equipped with a deeper understanding to enable them to teach their subordinates.”

Colonel Lewis also indicated that there are going to be more such training seminars, and

possibly, refresher courses too. “The world environment continues to evolve. As such, it becomes necessary for the GDF to remain current with regard to what is transpiring on the world stage, to learn what is needed in terms of its responsibilities in upholding International Humanitarian Law, and to ensure that, across the organisation, the requisite knowledge is properly disseminated. IHL governs military conduct during operations and conflict, and, under IHL, military institutions have a legal obligation regarding how they treat for example, with prisoners of war.”

Colonel Lewis thanked the government of Guyana and the ICRC for their commitment to educating the ranks of the GDF.

Miss Guyana Defence Force 2015

Eighteen beautiful women of the Guyana Defence Force will on Wednesday November 11 vie for the coveted Miss Guyana Defence Force crown and the grand prize of a Toyota Itz at the National Cultural Centre .
The finals of the competition gets started at 1900 hours and tickets cost $2500 , $2000 and $1500.
Get your tickets at the National Cultural Centre , Club 704 . Giftland Office Max, Ashmins and the GDF Finance Department , Base Camp Ayanganna.

50 years of service! 50 years of Selflessness! 50 years of sacrifice- The people of Guyana salutes the Guyana Defence Force.

Commander-In-Chief (CIC) of the Arm Forces, Brigadier General (Ret'd), President David Granger today, declared that November 1st henceforth, is to be observed as “Defence Force Day” throughout Guyana.

The Commander In Chief made the declaration at the Guyana Defence Force’s (GDF) 50th Anniversary Church Service that was held at the National Cultural Center on Sunday, November 1.

 As a token to the GDF for its service to the Nation, the President set aside November 1st to be observed as "Defence Force Day."

I gave notice that as a token of gratitude from the nation to our military men and women, I hereby declare that today November 1st, and that this day and every year hereafter shall be observed throughout the nation as "Defence Force Day," he declared”

In his brief address, the CIC congratulated the men and women whom, he noted “continue to serve with commitment, with constancy, and with courage in the GDF. The nation is eternally grateful to the GDF and congratulates them as they celebrate this auspicious occasion. For 50 years of service, for 50 years of selflessness, for 50 years of sacrifice, we salute the Guyana Defence Force."


The Guyana Defence Force came into being on November 01st 1965, at that time, Guyana was preparing for its independence from Great Britain. The Defence Force has a duty under the Constitution of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.

Alluding to the establishment; and duty of the Defence Force under the Constitution of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, the CIC said “The Duty of the GDF is to defend national independence, to preserve the country’s sovereignty and integrity, and to guarantee the normal functioning of institutions of security in citizens against any harm of aggression.”

In addition to that, he noted, “For fifty years the GDF has admiringly fulfilled its constitutional obligation to the nation. The Defence Force functioning strength complies with the Defence Act, it has watched valiantly and vigilantly over land and sea borders. It has protected our sovereignty and territorial integrity.”       

The CIC referenced several units in the GDF and their roles and undertakings.

“The Air Corp has undertaken missions of mercy and relief and surveillance. The Infantry has diligently and dutifully support the civil power in maintaining order. The Engineer Corp is being restructured to participate more fully in hinterland infrastructure. The Coast Guard has patrolled our territorial waters. Our Special Forces have launched numeral search and rescue operations in the hinterland, and the Reserved Force, the Guyana People Militia has supported and reinforced the Regular Force in its training operations in accordance with the Defence Act,” the CIC highlighted.

The President elaborated on the National Doctrine as it relates to diplomacy. “Our national doctrine is one of peace because it is aimed at diplomacy for the detection and deterrent of armed aggression,” he stated.

The CIC went on to say that the National Doctrine combines all the elements of national power to preserve Guyana’s sovereignty and to protect its territory. In this regard, he said, “Guyana will continue to combine the resources to support the GDF, being confident in the knowledge the Defence Force won’t let the people down because we are certain that the GDF in the future has in the past, will always honor and uphold the constitution.”

In his closing remarks, the CIC mentioned the Five Core Values of the GDF. “The people of Guyana are assured by the unstinting steadfast service of our soldiers, we are inspired by the force’s values which are: discipline, duty, identity, Integrity and loyalty. These value continue to guide our men and women in military uniform, in their daily lives, he said."

Meanwhile, in his address, Chief Of Staff of the GDF, Brigadier General Mark Phillips extended gratitude to all past and present military men and women. “As we celebrate 50 years of golden Jubilee with the people of Guyana I wish to thank all those who served and gave selflessly to the development of the GDF. I specifically wish to acknowledge the contributions of former CIC and past COS, and all veterans. Thanks to all serving men and women, Officers and Other Ranks, and Civilian Employees, he said.”

In addition to that the COS said the foundation for the GDF is already has already been laid and that he’s confident about the future development of the Force because it is in good hands.

The GDF was established on November 1st, 1965 after the British Guiana Volunteer Force which was established in June 1948 and later disbanded in May 1966. At that historical time members of the new Defence Force were drawn from the British Guiana Volunteer Force (BGVF), Special service Unit (SSU), British Guiana Police Force (BGPF) and the civilian populace. However, Training assistance was provided by British Instructors.

In its commitment to service, the GDF plays an integral part in the Guyanese nation. Resources and equipment of the GDF are used to help other Guyanese; examples include medical mercy flights and the construction of roads and airstrips by the Engineering Corps.

The GDF’s 50th Anniversary Church Service was attended by the President of Guyana, Members of Government, Members of the diplomatic Corp, All Members of the GDF, past and serving, and special Civilian Invitees.

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Today some 375 new soldiers were promoted to the rank of Private in the Guyana Defence Force as simultaneously conducted Basic Recruit Courses concluded. Two hundred and eighty three (283) of the soldiers are being added to the Regular Force, while ninety two (92) are being added through the Reserve Force.

The new soldiers passed out today at a simple but significant ceremony at the Colonel John Clarke Military School at Tacama.

Congratulating and welcoming the new troops to the GDF, Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Mark Phillips, emphasised the need for discipline to be their hallmark. “As soldiers in the GDF, everything you do, hinges on your consistent demonstration of discipline. The GDF is a military institution and discipline underlies and drives everything we do,” he said. “Additionally, you are expected to learn, understand and embrace the Standards and Values of the Force. In fact, you are expected to conform to them. Your attitude must be exemplary and you must earn the respect of all the citizens of Guyana. This can be easily achieved once you embrace our Standards and Values.”

The Chief of Staff entreated the soldiers to commit themselves to serving the people of Guyana. “Yours must be a commitment to serve. To serve anywhere within the bounds of Guyana’s borders, and, even if deployed overseas, you are to be dedicated and exemplary ambassadors of Guyana. “Service” is our Motto!” he emphasised. “You must be ready to serve the GDF at locations throughout Guyana.  You must understand your rights and duties under military law. Your continuing education must be in your focus at all times while you perform your duties as soldiers. At all times you must learn, know, practice and uphold the values and standards.”

“Remember, you have made a transition over the last ten weeks, so you now have to behave as responsible adults. Beginning on November 1st, the GDF will celebrate its 50th Anniversary. That is, fifty years of service to the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. The theme for our 50th anniversary is “Commemorating the past, Celebrating the present, and Carving the future.” You are the present and future soldiers and leaders of the Guyana Defence Force, go forth and be the best soldiers you can.”