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Christmas hampers presented to former Camp Groomes soldiers

Guyana Defence Force Welfare Officers Lourianne Sandy and Edward Hackett, presented hampers to former Privates Colwin Lewis, Joslyn Ross, Kerwin Wilson and former Lance Corporals Winsel Wade, Cecil Ault, Delroy Hutson, Curtis Samuels and Wendell Cort, on behalf of the Chief of Staff and the Officers and Ranks of the GDF.

The presentation of the tokens of goodwill, at the approach of the festive season, forms part of an outreach to former servicemen and women during the celebration of the Force’s 50th Anniversary



Nineteen Officer Cadets, currently undergoing training on the Standard Officers Course (SOC) # 48 have been promoted to the rank of Ensigns on Wednesday, December 9 at an Ensigncy Parade held on the Drill Square, Base Camp Stephenson BC(S) Timehri.

 The Ensigns were decorated with their new badges of rank by the Chief Of Staff, Brigadier General Mark Phillips. In attendance at this significant event, were the parents, relatives, Officers, soldiers as well as special invitees who all congratulated the Ensigns as their new badges of rank were conferred.

The SOC#48 commenced on March 27, 2015, with a total of 45 Officer Cadets. One of the Officer Cadets was selected for overseas training at the US Military Academy, West Point and the other 25 either withdrew or failed to achieve the required standards to continue the training. The 19 Officer Cadets who have endured the rigours of the training regimen to date, includes 16 Officer Cadets from the Guyana Defence Force, two of which are females, two Officer Cadets from the Belize Defence Force and one female Officer Cadet from the St Kitts and Nevis Defence Force.

In his address to the Ensigns, Chief Of Staff, Brigadier General Mark Phillips congratulated the Force’s newest leaders. He told them it is incumbent upon them to discover very early, how ethics and values will aid them in carrying out their purpose in life. “It is important that at the beginning of your military career that you read, re-read and live the Values and Standards of the Guyana Defence Force… It is important because regardless of how competent you are, how good a leader you will be, your success in the accomplishment of your missions and tasks will, from the start to the end of your career depend on your character- therein lies the importance of the core values of Duty, Discipline, Identity, Integrity and Loyalty and of course the Core Standards of Responsibility, respect for the law, respect for others, correct conduct and appropriate social behaviour,” Brig Gen Phillips urged.

Further, he pointed to the importance of leadership and the intellectual demands of an Officer. He also prepared their minds for service on the borders and in this regard, he admonished that they will be expected to use their competence to foster discipline in their Sub Units to develop soldiers of character. “You, therefore, have an important role to play, to create and sustain your Sub Unit with the skill, trust and confidence needed to be successful in all types of military operations,” he stated.

The Ensigns are slated to complete training within six weeks, and as an integral part of their training, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making are important skills they must master very early in their military career.

“  As, Ensigns about to commence the final stage in your preparation for Officership , it is important for me to inform you, to impress upon you that an Officer must be, above all else, a leader, a person whom men and women will follow into danger and discomfort in order to accomplish missions and tasks. Leadership, therefore, demands a dedicated responsibility towards the men and women you will command,” the Chief of Staff implored.

Upon successful completion of their final phase of training, the Ensigns will be promoted to Second Lieutenants.

The Standard Officers Course is designed to transform, in one year, a civilian, into an Officer who can lead men and women in peacetime and combat.

The Standard Officers Course covers a number of subject areas which includes, an intense programme of military skills and tactics, vigorous physical fitness and team activities, which are assigned to provide stamina and group spirit, leadership and command methods, management techniques, military law and national policy.

The Standard Officers Course also provides a solid foundation for the subsequent professional development of all Officer Cadets entering the GDF. Many Senior Officers of the Joint Services have also received this training. The Standard Officers Course is also highly recognised by Militaries in the Caribbean and Associate nations who have sent and continue to send their ranks to undergo training. 



A Guyana Defence Force (GDF) rank, was among five men who were arrested today on Robb Street by ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), for being in possession of illegal firearms which were found in the vehicle they were the occupants of.

            Lance Corporal (LCPL) Aaron Eastman, a driver attached to the GDF Medical Corps Headquarters, located in Base Camp Ayanganna BC(A), was dressed in his camouflaged uniform when he was arrested.  According to the reports received, the five occupants of the vehicle were observed to be acting in a suspicious manner. Consequently, the GPF was informed and Police ranks arrived on the scene, accosted the men and conducted a search of the motor vehicle. The search unearthed  a revolver and a sawn off shot gun, and the men were subsequently arrested.

            An preliminary investigation conducted by the GDF, revealed that LCPL Eastman who at the time was the 'Duty Driver' for the Ambulance, had parked the ambulance within the confines of the BC(A) and exited the Base to meet with his family in the vicinity of the outer parking lot. He subsequently slipped away and was never heard from until his arrest.

            The Joint Services and more particularly the GDF remains resolute in ensuring its ranks adhere to the Laws of Guyana, and any rank found to be involved in any illegal activities will be dealt with condignly.

AR Burton gains to award on LRSC 2015-01

Ten students of the Leading Rating Seaman Course 2015-01 graduated on December 1 last, at the headquarters of the GDF Coast Guard Training School in Kingston. Of the ten, 22494 Able Rating (AR) Quincy Burton, emerged the Best Graduating Student.

Burton, previously a graduate of the Ordinary Seaman Rating Course said that training on the LRSC demanded a higher level of focus. “The modules taught on this course build on the material we learned on the ORSC. As a student therefore, I had to be more vigilant and purposeful in order to attain success,” he said, ”I am happy to have received the award as Best Graduating Student, I must say however, that my colleagues and I worked more as a team and I am proud to have shared this experience with them. I trust that together, we will work to enhance the work environment, teach other Ratings what we have learned and strengthen the Coast Guard.”

 Delivering the charge to the graduates, Commander (CG) Orin Porter encouraged them to use their successes as a platform for growth. “As young Ratings, your education and training on or off the job must be seen as not simply an opportunity to learn new things. The important thing, is what comes after you would have learned. The extent to which you apply your knowledge and skills will demonstrate how much and how well you have learned. However, your development whether personally or professionally will require that you engage in behavior that will allow you to grow.,” he said, “growing means not only learning new things but continuously building upon what you learn. It means therefore, that you must continuously pursue opportunities to be trained and to learn. You can also do much for yourselves by seeking knowledge on your own. Reading extensively is one way that allows you to do this.”

Commander porter also charged the graduates to ensure that the assets of the Coast Guard are properly cared for. “You have been trained at a higher level and have gained the knowledge to enable you to act more responsibly.  Be leaders in your own little way, and, when conducting patrols, use the knowledge you have to ensure that you and your colleagues will be safe.”

The eight-week course was designed to equip its participants with the tools to stand duties as Quartermaster of the Watch, aboard any vessel, or as Trainee Second Officer of the Watch aboard any offshore vessel or as Coxwain aboard any inshore patrol vessel. 

Guyana Defence Force Ranks graduate from GTI.

Fifteen ranks of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) including an Officer, graduated at the 64th Convocation of the Government Technical Institute (GTI), held at the National Cultural Centre on Thursday last.


Lieutenant Brentnol Bart, who graduated with a Diploma in Land Surveying led the group.  Corporal (CPL) Winston Sutherland, was recognised as the Outstanding First Year Student in the Business Department, while Sergeant (SGT) Trevor Norris and CPL Kevin Abrams gained recognition as Outstanding Competency Based Education (CBE) Students for 2013/2015, on the Level One Refrigeration and Air-conditioning and Masonry Programmes respectively.

Other GDF graduates were: CPL Ormaz McLennan (Furniture Making Level 1 CBE); Lance Corporal (LCPL) Shimeika Romain (Ordinary Diploma in Commerce); LCPL Kevin Ramsay (Electrical Installation – CBE); CPL Delroy Cameron and CPL Kelon Montrose (Small Appliance Repairs Level One – CBE); CPL Ruel Whinfield, CPL Patrick Crandon, and LCPL Theon Sampson (Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Level One – CBE); CPL Christopher Griffith, SGT Marlon Amsterdam, and SGT Clive Dover (Motor Vehicle Repairs Level One – CBE).

Professional development continues to be of critical importance for the Guyana Defence Force and, to this end, the leadership of the Force remains committed to ensuring that its ranks gain the necessary opportunities for academic advancement.

Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Mark Phillips, emphasises that, the exposure of soldiers to opportunities for academic and skills development at local post-secondary institutions such as the Government Technical Institute, serves to provide them with a more rounded and expansive knowledge base for the conduct of their duties in the military. “Althoughthe GDF is a military institution tasked with national security, our troops must acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to function in the various Units of the Force. We have need for skilled mechanics, electricians, plumbers, welders, caterers, air-conditioning and administrative professionals. Our Officers and Ranks are soldiers first and they are specifically trained for that role. Yet, apart from understanding how to fight battles, other skills are needed in the day to day operations of the Force. And so, the GDF provides its troops with the opportunities to learn and grow, so that they can contribute to sustaining a stronger, more-capable Force or arms. In addition, the academic opportunities provided, serve to equip soldiers with skills that can be of use to them and the wider society, when they revert to civilian life.”

The Chief of Staff, Officers and Ranks congratulate the graduates on their recent achievement.